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    More importantly, has anyone received anything from them recently?

    I ordered a Treo 650 flip case from them on July 3 and they quickly charged my card, but I still have not received the case and they're not replying to emails, other than a generic "it's our supplier's fault, request a refund if you want" - but that request has also gone unanswered. Their 866 number is not accessible from my area and I only get a recording on their Florida number.

    I've purchased cases for 3 Clie models from them previously and up to now their products and customer service have been excellent, but they've thrown that goodwill right out the window.

    In the meantime, I ordered a Sena case that came within 2 days and works fine. I previously ordered a Clie case from them, but the edges frayed within a month or two. Trying them again because apparently they've changed their manufacturing process. So far so good....

    Anyone hear anny news about Bellagio? Did they BK?
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    Hmmm... their main site is up but the CS seems to be down...
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    I think they told us they were moving offices this holiday weekend.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marcus
    I think they told us they were moving offices this holiday weekend.
    Thanks for the update. It's good to hear that someone's been in contact, and I did see that the site has been updated. But even with an office move they should have something set up to continue to respond to customer requests, though I think there's more to it than just moving offices based on how long they've ignored emails.

    I hope I'm wrong because I really enjoyed their cases, and even sang their praises on the old Cliesource boards.
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    I finally received a case from Bellagio today - nearly 3 months after ordering (sent UPS Ground; I guess after 3 months, why hurry?). But I doubt it's even made for the 650. Bellagio never bothered to reply to my emails after the canned one saying there were problems, I only received a tracking email saying it was on its way.

    The case itself is a disaster - sent, I'm sure, just to shut me up, probably one of the early "problem" orders they received from their distributor. This is 180 degrees away from the way they used to do business. They deserve to get smacked by bad reviews if this is part of their new business philosophy.

    The case is not cut the same way as shown in the pictures on their site. The volume key is mostly exposed, but the side key is completely covered and the bottom cutout isn't wide enough to expose all connectors (though when I force them through it does sit nicely in my Seidio InnoDock). The earphone hole is also completely covered.

    The bottom cutout part is so flimsy and ill-fitting that the bottom of the Treo could possibly fall out of the case when the flip cover is open.

    The camera hole is nice and big, but the speaker is mostly covered.

    In a word, the workmanship is crrraaappp!

    After a few years of satisfied repeat purchases, courteous personal email responses and 3 great cases, this experience has destroyed my support - I gave plenty of it on Cliesource - and I will NEVER purchase from them again. As for sending the case back, I think it will be less painful to call it a loss and go back to my Sena case (which I received in 2 days via Ground, though to be fair, Sena and I are both in CA. But that's still about 90 days quicker than you know who.). Not that I'd even expect to see any money back.
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    Hey otterman,
    I ordered the bellagio horizontal pouch from TC around the same time and its been pretty durable. Don't like that the corners are exposed, and the fact that the plastic edges are starting to crack, but its been doing its job well. Does TC stock bellagio or do they then turn around and contact them?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cadman
    Hey otterman,
    I ordered the bellagio horizontal pouch from TC around the same time and its been pretty durable. Don't like that the corners are exposed, and the fact that the plastic edges are starting to crack, but its been doing its job well. Does TC stock bellagio or do they then turn around and contact them?
    Not sure if they stock them or not. I ordered mine directly from Bellagio. Apparently it was just this particular flip case that had this problem due to distributor problems (which doesn't explain their atrocious customer service). My other Bellagio cases are still holding up nicely - they seem to get better with age.

    Too bad I can't say the same about the company!
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    You and I got the same case from Bellagio Design(s). Your description is exactly what I'm looking at here. It is, as you said, junk. And really bad junk at that. I have the flip case for my Tungsten C and it is wonderful. The open-face Bellagio case that I got for my Treo 650 is not quite as nice as the Tungsten case but it is serviceable.

    I find it hard to believe that they have gone from one of the premier case makers to purveyors of third rate products.

    How disappointing!!!!

    I don't know if I want to waste the money and time to send it back. To be honest, I wonder if they will actually send me a refund.
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    Beware, you may be dealing with an impostor, I just received the following e-mail:

    Date: Thu, 6 Oct 2005 15:23:11 -0400
    From: Bellagio Sales <>
    Subject: News From Bellagio Design

    To all of our valued customers......

    We wanted to make you aware of all the good things that are happening at
    Bellagio Design!!!! :-)

    Firstly, we need to inform you that our original URL,
    was illegally commandeered and the URL taken. However, the only information
    that was affected were the actual URL address and our web pages...No
    confidential information was ever in jeopardy. We are pursuing this with the
    proper authorities and hope to resolve this quickly.

    The original Bellagio Designs, LLC site can now be found at either or I assure you we are all still
    here and our business continues to grow. Our new, state of the art website
    will be ready in a few weeks. We've also just completed our move into larger
    facilities to help facilitate our expansion. Please always feel free to call
    Janette or her excellent Customer Service Team to handle all of your customer
    service needs or if you have any questions that need to be answered. You can
    also email us at Emails from any address other than (design is not plural) is not from the original Bellagio
    Designs Corporation in NJ and we cannot be responsible for it's content.

    Also, keep your eyes open for the exciting, new CALABRIA Series by Bellagio.
    In addition to our great line of elegant, functional cases, we will also be
    offering unique leather goods and high tech accessories.

    Thanks for your past support and we look forward to working with you in the

    Best Regards,

    Richard Flashenberg

    221 West Grand Avenue
    Montvale, New Jersey 07645

    1 877 CASE 950
    1 201 505 4900
    1 201 505 4957 (fax)
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    One more quick note, it's also possible that the e-mail I received is from an impostor. It was sent to an e-mail address that I had only given to Bellagio when I ordered my case from them several months ago. If the e-mail is from an impostor, then they gained access to the Bellagio customer list. Does anyone know for a fact where the true Bellagio is located? NJ or FL?
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    WOW!! That sure explains alot. Janette was the one who was such a great help to me in my earlier dealings with Bellagio and the fact that she's named in that email gives it, in my mind anyway, credence. Also, someone on the 1src boards mentioned how helpful "Richard" had been.

    Sounds like Grumpy21 and I placed our orders with whoever commandeered the legitimate site. If this is confirmed maybe it should be on the main page to alert anyone else from buying from "bellagiodesigns".

    I just checked the "real" site and they don't even offer the flip case.

    I remember them being in NJ, not FL which also explains why the FL number was never answered.

    Thanks for sharing that email SoCalVisor.
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    To all the Bellagio Customer old and new. Richard and I are the legitimate Bellagio Designs, LLC. We have been notifying all, that the original site was stolen by an ex employee, but outside of the US. We are constantly developing new products, and need all the customer input to make improvements. Not all case designs fill everyone's lifestyle needs, and your input is vital to us. Please be assured we will continue to be the top quality company that we have developed over the past years. We have introduced a new url, and will also have a new line Calabria by Bellagio that we will introduce shortly. Thank you to everyone for your continued support of the Bellagio products.

    Janette Redfern

    Director of Sales
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    When I called, Janette said that they were in a meeting about the flip case for the 650 today and were discussing reinforcing the cradle that holds the Treo. They realize that there is a problem and are working to fix it.

    Looks like Otterman and I did get our case from the original company.

    I gave her some feedback about what I would like the redesigned case to be and she was very receptive. I'm going to send mine back and wait for the new case and give it a try.

    We all stumble on the road through business and life. I applaud Bellagio Designs for trying to correct a mistake.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grumpy21
    Looks like Otterman and I did get our case from the original company.
    But the real company's site doesn't even offer the flip case. Could they be meeting to discuss releasing one? I ordered my case July 3 so if the domain was stolen prior to that date then mine is from the bad guys. If it was after that date,....

    I would be very surprised if this case came from the legitimate Bellagio Designs based on the quality of the work and past cases I've ordered - and still use.
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    I asked Janette if they were selling a flip case for the 650. She said that she had shipped over 50 so far but only two customers had complained. I guess that it was you and me since she obviously reads this board and we have both written our complaints. We talked about the current case and it was obvious that the one that I have did in fact come from them.

    I didn't ask why the flip case was not on the new web site, I'm guessing that they knew it was bad and decided not to advertise until they got it redesigned. I'm glad that they are taking a proactive stance on this and are working to fix the problem.

    At this point, I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and try the redesigned case She said that it should be ready in a couple of weeks but I suspect it will take a bit longer.
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    I don't know who the imposter is now. My conversation with Janette this morning convinced me that she and Richard are the legitimate Bellagio Designs but then I had a closer look at the old web site (with an s). The small returns policy link at the bottom of the bellagio designs web page points out that they accept returns only on genuine cases made by Macaws in Bolivia. Bolivia is where my Tungsten C case that I like so much came from. They point out details that sound like the cases that I know and like as being the genuine cases. Metal clip tabs, logos on the embroidered label stitched in the case.

    The tag on the inside of my 650 flip case that is just like the one that Janette and I discussed this morning says that the case is made in China. The tab for the clip is plastic. What is genuine?

    Richard and Janette may be legit but if their redesigned case comes from China, and is substantially like the one that I have now, I DON'T WANT IT.

    I'm going to try to contact Bellagio Designs (with an s) and ask for a comment.
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    My name is Peter Weiss, I am the owner of the Manufacturing facility that created Bellagio and several other brands, including OEM work for large US and European corporations.
    Macaws SRL is the name of the company (, we are the only factory in the Americas that is fully certified (that is why you read in our description ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:1999). The certifications can be viewed on our corporate site. What this means is that we care about quality, people and the environment. We are permanently audited and thus it guarantees transparency with our clients.
    I am using Paraba as the nick name, because Paraba is the name in Spanish for Macaw, the bird is the symbol of our company, not only because is beautiful but because it needs to be protected.
    Macaws created Bellagio and other brands to bring to the market new refreshing designs and offer not only a standard case, but a fully functional concept, we have now 300 employees in our facility.
    The site was registered by my company and the content was created and maintained at all times by our in-house staff. Naturally at the beginning our pictures were not good at all... we did invest a lot of time and money to bring it to world class standards.
    We had an in-house issue with our distributor of cases in the US. Why? Basically because he was taking my designs to have them copied, from what we learned, in China. I have no issues with China, I think is an incredible country we all need to visit. But I do have issues with copying. Knock-offs... that is not acceptable in any situation and not paying their bills is the other issue.
    Saying that I am former employee and/or that we high jacked them, is not only absurd but also very sad, especially when I trusted them as I did. I thought I had gained friends... how mistaken was I.
    We do have the designs for all the Treos now in stock (including the flip for the Treo 650), it took us a while to rebuilt stock and distribution... about 2 months, we are now in Florida. I read a comment from a member... I hope this helps clarify the location.
    We are not going to engage in any sort of lies or insults, we believe that customers should select the best and we are not afraid of competition, I personally think it is good, it brings creativity and thus good solutions to the designs.
    FYI, at the site that does not have the (s) or you can see 3 girls... guess what... it is a copied version of our site. Copied illegally - this is being investigated -. The girls are: a former employee of my company that currently works in a bank in town (Bolivia) a foreign student from France that was completing her logistics master in our facility (she did the translation for French speaking customers ) and finally a friend of my wife... thus anyone can make their own assumptions of what has happened. I am sure they will change the site they illegally copied when they read this ....
    Sorry for the long explanation, boring but necessary. Happy to respond to any inquiries, please no aggressive messages. Thanks
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    Lots of finger pointing going on here. I don't know who to believe now. The only thing that I do know is that I saw a case advertised by Bellagio Designs and ordered it. I did not get the case that I saw which upsets me greatly.

    Have I been defrauded? I don't know but it sure looks that way. I'd like Janette and Richard to explain why the case that they sent to me was made in China and where the redesigned case will be made.

    One thing is sure, this is a fight within the company but the customer is coming out the looser.

    I'm still going to try to contact the people in Florida on Monday. Their phones don't answer this weekend. Just a generic answering machine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grumpy21
    I'm still going to try to contact the people in Florida on Monday. Their phones don't answer this weekend. Just a generic answering machine.
    Good luck with that Grumpy21. When I tried the FL number I got only rings - no answer and no machine.

    However they want to paint themselves, Paraba's company is the one that did not reply to one of my emails for 3 MONTHS! Yet I wrote to Janette on Thursday and Friday and received replies to both emails.
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    I looked at both sites, and They look IDENTICAL!

    If I were you I would contact the better business bureau and stop payment on your credit card. Especially otterman who has repeatedly tried to contact the manufacturer and has not seen any recourse from them. I am not sure if you are past the deadline, but it is definitely bad business practice to bill someone for a product before it is shipped!
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