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    Quote Originally Posted by aph
    The sound was fine the entire time until it blew out. There was no indiciation that the speaker might blow out so I really don't see how you expect me think that it would have.
    I hate to argue but to any readers, adjust Volume care based on the louder sounds the treo makes not the quieter ones.

    P.S. The treo dosent have external speakers
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    i recently read a thread you did about 10 of your favorite apps. i cant seem to find it anymore. could you let me know again what those were. i would appreciate it. also, what about call shield pro? i think i am going to get that one. looks pretty handy.
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    For a search like that you would tap "Franko515" then tap "find threads started by 'Ol Frankie'.
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    Speaking about volume care though, I actually was able to use my speaker phone funtion today! It may sound stupid, but I was able to hear the other person perfectly while the treo was across the room. Awesome app.
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