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    i use a treo 650 and am not a very knowledged user like most of you. i have a few questions. i recently installed zlauncher and it was recommended to me. my question is, what is the real purpose of zlauncher? is it a nice way to organize your apps like facer pro? i played with it for a day and its kind of over my head with all the options and everything.

    also, i have a 2gb sd card for music and apps. i know once the apps are installed in your treo you cant move them to the card because they are locked, but i know you can install them directly into your sd card if you hot sync it. i moved aol from my treo memory into the sd card, but am now having issues that i cant run it from my card. also i noticed if an application is in your card and not in the memory of your phone, you cant program a quick funtion button for that app. is this correct?

    thanks, i would appreciate any help and also any suggestions i could do with my treo to really help the performance.
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    With ZLauncher, you can move any file to the card, or vice-versa. You can create folders on your card. You can delete applications and their databases by holding down a button or stylus on the icon. You can do a soft reset from a menu or button. You can move applications to your card, make shortcuts, and run them from the card. Of course, it can look much nicer than the Palm launcher. These are just some of the benefits.

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