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    Wondering if anyone has tips or suggestions on how to migrate all my data from my Tungsten T5 (3500 contacts, 7 years of dates, etc) to my Treo 650? Given I have to install a new version of Palm Desktop (currently using Mac Palm Desktop v4.2.1 on OSX 10.4.2), I don't think I will be able to sync my existing Palm to my Treo...or am I missing something?

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    Hi Douglasw!

    Welcome to Treo ownership!

    Start fresh with your Treo 650 with a new user id, do not just sync to your T5 userid. Here are three good links to read:

    (I beamed my PIM data from my T3 to my new Treo, but Palm has a Knowledge Base link, as well, for another method. This link was posted by Insertion.)

    Cheers, Perry.
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