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    Ok, now the there's a solid proof of concept for streaming video....

    Come on Orb!
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    Quote Originally Posted by manielse
    Ok, now the there's a solid proof of concept for streaming video....

    Come on Orb!
    i'm sorry, i'm not familiar with orb, exactly what is it?
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    While the concept of mobitv is sound, I won't pay $10 per month, but if anyone from orb is lurking around, I would pay $10 a month for that service to work on my Treo.

    For those not familiar, It is exceedingly cool.
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    In a nutshell, Orb is "the bridge" between your home entertainment network and you. If you are familar with the new Slingbox, it's the same concept of "placeshifting" your data. With Orb, you'd be able to watch your TiVo recorded files on your Treo (if they could get it working). To me, this would work better than MobiTV because I can watch what I want to watch, whenever I had time to watch it.

    You should really check out's site to understand it in better detail.
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    Yes, since it *could* clearly work, there must be some other "political" reason(s) for it NOT to work.

    Always interesting to me how some companies skate along without offering a legitimate explanation for why things are the way they are...

    I mean if Orb would simply say, you need a player that does "x,y,z", how long do you think it would take for such an app to be released? So, there must be a reason for restricting access...perhaps someone else is subsidizing the status quo?
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    I had emailed orb back and forth about this and pointed out that mobitv is able to stream videos. And then suddenly I never heard back from them. Prior to my mention of that they were very talkative about orb and the difference between themselves and slingbox (which I love by the way). They were arguing they would love to support treo but there isn't any software that supports streaming video, then I mention mobitv and poof I never heard back from them. ???

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