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    I'm looking at carkits right now, and I've narrowed it down to 3.

    The Seidio G2100m, the MrHandsfree Genius, and the Parrot 3000. I have a "phone ready" Alpine deck with auxilliary inputs and auto-mute function, so I think I'd like one of these integrated carkits.

    I wondered if anyone knows if "handsfree" really means that you don't touch the phone at all to make or place calls or whatever. The Seidio says it's "handsfree" - but I can't find where it tells if it's voice activated or not. I assume that "handsfree" means exactly that - you don't have to use your hands to perform any of the advertised functions - which means voice activation. Assuming this might be really dumb.

    Right now, I'm leaning towards the Seidio; it advertises that you can play MP3's over your car's stereo with it. Which is pretty good to pair with a Treo, since the whole point is to have one device that does it all, right? But if it is not voice-activated, that sort of defeats the purpose of a so-called "handsfree" carkit

    So does anyone know about these systems? Ideally, I'd like one with voice activation and mp3 playing capabilities. Do any of my 3 candidates fill the bill?

    Also, can people really hear you on the other end? I'd hate to get a carkit only to find that the microphone doesn't pick up my voice well enough or has so much background driving noise that the person I'm talking to can't hear me.


    I hope this is halfway intelligent sounding...I'm on brain fry from going back to school after a decade long hiatus.
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    I've got the 2100m and love it. I run my audio out to a cassette adapter. Had it about a month now and it works great for books on tape, mp3's and mapopolis. You do have to hit the answer button on the screen, but you can talk nice and easy once the mic is positioned right. There are programs that can give you auto answer, but I don't have at the moment. I also have to manually start up ptunes but once I do that it runs fine and rings through stopping ptunes when a call comes in and then resumes. I ran my mic cord under the dash and up to the visor and it seems to work okay. I think most companies call it hands free if you're not having to hold the phone! Hope that helps.

    One drawback and I'd take any help on this. The screen stays on all the time while in the cradle. I want it to go off while listening to audio, but even pushing the power button only dims it for a fraction of a second and the it flashes each time ptunes changes tracks but still never goes out. I want the screen to stay on with Mapopolis, but want it to darken with ptunes or realplayer.

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