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    Like many of you, I've gotten a bit tired of carrying my keys, a wallet, my Treo, my work Blackberry, my work ID...ugh. And when I saw the MOBO Wallet Organizer case, I thought: this is great. I'm going to order it. I'll merge my wallet and my Treo: I'll carry my credit cards and ID along with my cash in my T650 case, and eliminate the wallet. Perfect! I'm sure a lot of you would agree -- this would be a really convenient solution.

    Here's the problem. The wallet portion, when empty, fastens with velcro correctly and snugly, but when you put more than two cards in there, it bulks it up so much that the velcro won't close. Now, I don't know about you, but I'd submit that most of us need at least four or five cards: a credit card, a debit card, a drivers license, and a medical insurance card are the obvious ones, just to be safe. Some other people might want to carry a few business cards, a Starbucks card, vehicle registration, a gym card...etc. Just those four primary ones ALONE won't fit without bulking the case up so much that it won't close -- and that's WITHOUT cash or a Starbucks card, et cetera.

    Don't know if any developers are reading this, but I'd probably buy a nice case that included a real wallet attached to it -- something that allowed for a few cards and a bit of cash, and closed SECURELY -- not with a lame strip of velcro.

    Anyway, if anyone is thinking about buying a MOBO Wallet Organizer -- don't. Think again. I had high hopes, but all it will allow you to do is put in a single card and a $20...which isn't very realistic.

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