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    It also says

    "*If possible, LifeDrive, Treo 650, Zire 72 and Zire 31 users should use the version of Palm Desktop which came on the CD with their device. Although this download is compatible with these handhelds, additional conduits and applications are included on the CD version."

    If someone does install this, please post the version # of the Outlook Conduits (from Help About in the Desktop ..).
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    palm removed the desktop software from their software from their site and I don't have the treo cd. Can some please send me the palm desktop software for the sprint treo 650
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    The "E" probably denotes "Electronic," as-in the downloadable version. I don't see any reason to believe anything is "tweaked" or "upgraded," but I'm sure everyone will download this because it "feels" like an upgrade. Haha.

    Palm just published this on their site to satisfy those who lost their CD.
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    Try this:
    650 version is available now.
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    I downloaded "4.2" when it appeared a few days back.
    At least it fixed my Versamail conduit error (although I now use Chatter) and I now have menu options for syncing with Palm desktop or with Outlook... no more searching for Switcher.
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    Thanks alot!
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    Anybody try this it worth the upgrade?
    Palm Desktop 4.2 Rereleased as 4.1.4E
    Posted By: Ryan on Friday, September 09, 2005 1:33:36 PM

    Palm has rereleased the Palm Desktop for Windows that was initially billed as version 4.2. It is now called version 4.1.4E. The E denotes that it is meant for devices with the extended PIM applications.

    This update is identical to Palm Desktop 4.2, with simply a new version number. Palm Support says if you installed the version labeled 4.2, there is no need to install 4.1.4E.

    Palm Desktop 4.1.4E for Windows is available here. It is only compatible with the Treo 650, LifeDrive, Tungsten T3, T5, E, E2, and the Zire 31, 71, 72.

    The installation process has been improved for users that upgrade from a previous Palm device. It has a new wizard that can copy all previous information and software applications to a new device. It also can detect incompatible apps in the users backup folder in order to avoid conflicts.

    This installer is not meant for Treo 600 users or anyone who has the PocketMirror Standard conduits because this desktop installs the Outlook conduits meant for handhelds and smartphones which use the extended PIM applications.

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    Hi all, I've searched the forums but I couldn't find an exact answer.

    I just bought a Locked Cingluar Treo 650. It doesnt come with any software but I have a syncing cable.

    Is there some software that I should download before trying to unlock the phone remotely? Where do I download the software?

    For example, with Windows Mobile you need to download activesync to get your comp talking to the phone, any similar app I need to get for my Treo 650?

    I also want to just unlock the phone. Do I need any software installed on my PC before I use a remote unlocking service?

    Thank you in advance,
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    Read discussions above. You will need to download the desktop software.
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    what about support for subfolders in contacts? I have many- will they transmit to my new treo 650?
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