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    I have Documents to Go Premium which I purchased.

    When I start Documents to Go, I notice that when creating a new document (lower left icon) I have the choice of:
    Word to Go
    Sheet to Go
    Slideshow to Go
    MS Word
    MS Excel
    Text Document

    Maybe I installed this wrong...

    Why do I have Sheet, Word and Slideshow to go.
    Can I delete Sheet to Go and Word to Go and still use MS Word and MS Excel?
    Why don't I also have MS PPoint?

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    Don't think you can delete specific programs, but you do have MS Powerpoint. It's Slideshow to Go.
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    I think that the "to go" and MS Word etc are the same programs. Maybe the "to go" versions save files in non-native Dataviz format...

    Create a dummy file from each and save it. Hotsync. Check the extensions and whether the PC's MS Office programs can open those. I'm too lazy to do so myself ..
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