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    It's as if there's a hidden "Stay on in cradle" option that is enabled somewhere.
    When the Treo is connected to a charger, the screen will be on all the time. Regardles of the Auto-off configuration in the Prefs. When not in charger, it will turn off as configured.

    This even happens after a warm reset.

    This started a few days ago but I can't recall what changed before it started.

    Can anyone help

    I tryed disabling and even uninstalling ProfileCare and PalmaryClock (which was configured to stay on while charging) and nothing changed.
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    I solved it !!!

    I re-installed PC
    Configured it's auto-off to override the system settings (It was never configured before when PC was installed).
    Applied the profile.
    Waited for the screen to turn off while the chrger is connected.
    Then Stopped the profile and afterwards, disabled PC.

    Now it's back to normal:
    PC is disabled and the screen turnes off even while charging.

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