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    Q. What do The Salling Clicker version 3.0, the new dot mac software release, the Apple/Motorola music phone and the September 7 Apple press event have in common?
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    pray tell
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    pray tell
    they all are happening/being released soon i'm going to guess
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    pray tell
    Well I pray thee to tell ME.

    I DO know that they have all been continually delayed for the last half year and now all of a sudden the release events are lined up to occur at about the same time.
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    .mac OTA syncing! iTunes syncs OTA too! Salling will have something (not sure what) to do with the new .mac capabilities.... Very interesting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by archie
    Well I pray thee to tell ME.

    I DO know that they have all been continually delayed for the last half year and now all of a sudden the release events are lined up to occur at about the same time.
    I noticed too...looking forward to seeing what the .mac updates are. Hoping for reasonable amount of storage.
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    Well, I can tell you that it will have a new asynchronous messaging protocol built into the infrastructure of .mac itself. This is the same type of transfer mode that cellular networks use. I'm not sure to what extent this can be expanded upon but I do know for sure that multiple parties will be able to edit one document at different locations. People can even join in on an editing session without actually subscribing to dot mac.

    Plus, BMW has just released their Bluetooth enabled iDrive interface. The new Missing Sync 4.5 beta (or whatever it will be called) is now being distributed as well. Something is up.
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    And the plot thickens.
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    Well, to be fair I really have no idea exactly when any of this stuff will be released. But we do know that Apple does have a media event next week, the most recent dot mac version 2.5 software enrollment kits have all been sent back at the Apple Stores this week and discontinued at Amazon. Version 3 is probably being loaded on the trucks as I write this.

    Vouchers for The Salling Clicker version 3.0 are being distributed by some and indications are that the app is just about ready ('course it was just about ready back in April too).

    I applied to be a beta tester of the new Missing Sync but the laundry list of questions, along with my answers, has apparently deemed me an inappropriate candidate. I have not heard back from them in awhile so I really don't know what kind of time line this app has ahead of it.
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    Here is something else that will, PERHAPS inappropriately, thicken the plot:

    Toast 7 is being released today. You can save out converted video specifically for iTunes.

    Not sure why you would want to, UNLESS you plan on syncing it to some other device. It might be worth mentioning here that iTunes has taken on the role of THE application to sync not only music with an iPod, but also address and phone numbers, calendar events, to-do lists and memos and photos AND soon, I guess, videos.

    The current version of iTunes merely allows you to play videos, you cannot at this time sync them.
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    I guess we will find out what the new dot mac v. 3 web services will offer very soon now. It has been down for the last 2 or 3 hours. Probably updating.
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    Well, it seems that the back-end to Apple's dot mac services has been updated. And one of the afore mentioned apps will soon see an update but at this time I am no longer at liberty to say.

    The iTunes Music Store will probably be updated tomorrow with new functionality of some sort. My reasong for this... ummm... prediction??, For those that are familiar with the iTMS, you will know that it is updated with new music every Tuesday. It was not updated today. And no, it is not simply because of the holiday. That I gurantee. History has proven this for the last 4 years. Anyway; New Music Tuesday will be delayed one day to fit in with the updating of the store that Apple will be revealing tomorrow at their Sept. 7 press event. This, of course, also means that they will introduce a new version of the iTunes app to support the new store for both the Macintosh, Windows and... ummmm... some other platform probably.
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    Apparently Jobs may not be delivering a keynote address. I actually really enjoy watching the Jobs' keynotes Let's just hope Apple still delivers with new product announcements.

    See this article here for more details.
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    Jobs will be there, but wont be doing the keynote.
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    I thought archie was going to be the keynote speaker. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    You do realize this thread is completely different than the event you are speaking of?

    The topic this moderator brings up should probably go into a different thread. This thread is about events that have been postponed for six months. This keynote you bring up is for the Apple Expo and has not been delayed, it is scheduled 3 weeks from now.
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    So what happened?
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    The iTunes Music Store was updated: both with the inclusion of reviews now and also new content (2 million songs) as well as some other added features and navigation niceties. Then they also released a new version iTunes itself . Incredible update! Nested folders, navigation and layout improvements and great searching improvements. In fact, If you do a search in iTunes 5, you can now limit your search by various subcategories on the fly. One of these categories is “video” so... you can probably see where they are headed. Anyway, syncing on the Windows platform has also been extended to include automatic syncing with Microsoft Outlook Outlook Express. There's more.

    Other things like the display showing time elapsed AND remaining, AT the same time, rather than clicking to cycle the display. You can now display album art for the currently playing track OR the currently selected track. The Mini-Player is vastly improved. Bunch of new preference settings for more control and then you can also take away control with the new Restricted Access via Parental Controls. Which is accesed via a password to lock out the mischievous kids.

    Speaking of locking out. The new iPods have a new screen lock application which has the click-wheel mimicking a combination lock – quite ingenious. The new iPod is of course the Nano. Super small technology. Completely cutting edge. So cutting edge that their profit margins on this are smallest they have ever been. They are counting on moving massive numbers to establish margins that will cover R&D.

    Something that many have neglected to mention is Apple’s inclusion of their patented media management system that allows for speech-to-text voice recognition selection of songs. This will be first used in conjunction with Acura’s VoiceID system to operate the iPod by voice. Look to see this capability expanded upon in the future.

    Speaking of cars, they also announced that they have added 4 more automobile manufacturers to the list that are providing factory installed connectivity options. Here’s a list:

    Volkswagen and

    along with…
    Mercedes Benz
    Alfa Romeo
    Land Rover

    There is more stuff but I am growing tired of typing it all in. Just Google it.

    Amazon does now have the new dot mac software available as of today but it is not yet in Apple Stores. Should be available soon.

    No news from Salling yet.
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    I just bought a Honda Pilot and was a little disappointed it didn't have an optional iPod cradle or Bluetooth option. Otherwise, I really like the SUV.
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    Yeah, but what does any of this have to do with .mac or Salling clicker? I could have re-typed the press releases myself. There's nothing new here and that amazon has "version 3 of .mac" doesn't make any sense at all because .mac is entirely server-side.
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