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    I have a PC and have used the Drag To function to create mailing labels from my address book. My question - does this feature function the same way on a Mac - runs a macro in Word that lets you set up the label format?

    If not what are the other options for creating labels - export?
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    on the mac, palm desktop functions slightly differently, i believe... or so i've been led to believe.

    anyway the way it works on my mac is this... in palm desktop, either click the printer on the toolbar or choose print from the file menu. you will be given a choice of what to print, contacts, appointments, etc... choose contacts, and you will have a pop-up menu as to formats, choose mailing labels, and then choose fromm another pop-up menu what label to use, and you're good to go. i think avery label sizes are standard. the great thing about it as well, is you can choose which contacts to print simply by checking them, and choose which label on the sheet to start with (if you've used half, say, and don't want to waste the rest of the sheet.

    hope this helps.
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