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    phone has worked phone until now (about 6 months). the only software i've added recently are backup buddy and volume care. anyone have similar problems? what did you do? i have the 650 gsm unbranded with t-mobile service. i have the june firmware update installed. any help would be appreciated


    alan siegel
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    Hi Alan!

    Have not had the problem, but two thoughts come to mind:

    1. Delete Backup Buddy and Volume Care from the Treo to see if the problem goes away.

    2. Has your SIM card become loose? A loose SIM can cause erratic behavior. Others have stuck a piece of business card behind their SIM to ensure a good continuous connection for the SIM.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    thanks perry...just deleted both programs and i'll look at the card as well...

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    neither made a difference...still resets after a call
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    Well . . . . .

    Let's try to clean it. . .

    Hot Sync
    Hard reset
    rename your backup folder on your PC to backupold
    (Programs>Palm>userid>backup to backupold)
    Hot Sync
    You should have your PIM data on the Treo but no 3rd party stuff
    Still got the problem?
    If not, reinstall 3rd party stuff one at a time.
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    Also, before the hard reset (that mwthod will work, for sure), try purging the call log. Maybe that is corrupt and crashing when Phone tries to update it.
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    Why not delete the PhoneCallDB first ? This is most likely corrupted and causing the problem. A hard reset is a bit extreme at this point I think.



    SprintPCS 650 since Nov 2004
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    Looks like the A Team has arrived.

    Thanks you two.
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    Haha. Didn't realize Aloke was here too. Same post same time. Great minds....

    As for purging the call log, The few times this has happend to me, just looking at the call log caused a reset - so I couldn't get there to purge it. Deleting the PhoneCallDB is the way to go in this case since that can be done without viewing the log by using FileZ, Zlauncher or another file menager.

    Test after deleting the call log and BEFORE the next hotsync or the old call log will be restored and the problem will return. After you test, you will have a newer call log on the phone that will overwrite the backup on the next hotsync and the problem shouldn't return.

    Of course, if removing the call log (PhoneCallDB) doesn't fix it then Perry's solution may be the best bet.



    SprintPCS 650 since Nov 2004
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    where do i access the ponecalldb?
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    i meant phonecalldb...
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    Use an application called FileZ to access files in your Treo's memory.

    Be careful and don't delete the wrong file !! FileZ is a very capable program but you can mess things up with it if not careful.
    Cingular GSM
    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A
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    i downloaded that program but i don't see anything that looks like that db. when i call up preps in filez i get a box but i don't see phonecalldb listed?
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    It's there.

    In fileZ, tap the top big icon (View and Edit Files). Tap the small triangle next to Internal. You'll see a list of files in RAM. I see the file PhoneCallDB listed.

    If you truly don't have that file, then that could be a problem.

    That file is backed up to the PC. Do you see it in

    C:\Program Files\palmOne\<your hotsync name>\Backup ?
    Cingular GSM
    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A
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    actually i just wasn't accessing the database correctly. so i was able to finf it and delete it. i deleted the file, and renamed my backups and all seemed fine. i answered a call and the phone didn't reset...but i couldn't hear. i think that my jabra BT might be part of the problem. when i got no vol through the jabra (the one that vibrates as well as rings) i turned it off and my phone redialed the last number it had called and then reset! so, i'm wondering now whether the bluetooth may have been the issue all along.

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    I have the Jabra BT-250v also, and for some reason sometimes when I hangup the phone whether I use the headset or not, it restarts the PDA.
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    my jabra was great for the first few weeks and now it's crackling all the time and i'm pretty sure it was causing the resets...

    it redials occaisionally for sure.

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    Hi - I have also had my phone for about 6 months with no problems. I haven't added any 3rd party software in the last few months, and deleted Volume Care. My problem is that my phone resets whenever I go to the web. I am able to access the first webpage fine, but as soon as I try to go to another webpage, I get a reset. Anyone have any recommendations??
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    Make sure if you have a Cingular phone, that you first get a replacement SIM Tray! Loose connection SIM problems are at the heart of many of the reset problems today on Cingular devices. A quick fix is to put 3 layers of scotch tape on the back of the SIM *card*. This will provide for a better connection between the SIM card and the Treo. The replacement tray has a ridge built into it that causes the card tod be pressed against the Treo internal contacts harder - thus making a more secure electrical contact. The tape does the same thing because it makes the card thicker.

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    My phone is sprint if that is of any help....
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