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    Hi there, I dont know if anyone is having simillar problem, everytime my Treo 650 reboots (which has been happening a lot lately), it looses the activation code of my Tomtom Navigator 5, which is quite annoying cause many a times it reboots while I am in TTN 5 program on the road, and then when trying to access TTN it asks me for the activation code. Does anyone know why this is happening. Thanks to anyone who answers this question.

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    Is that the only registration that you are losing? Other applications are still happy after such crash?

    Try using Resco locker to lock the application into the NVFS cache..
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    This has happened once or twice to me. I usually just restore my saved and unsaved prefrences from last nights backup and all is well again.



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    Also, I keep a memo on my 650 with all of my reg codes in it just in case.


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