Hello everybody,

I'm at the poing to give away my pretty good (as it sees to me) idea. I've been trying to implement it myself for last several days in vain. Neither OnBoardC nor Palm Developer IDE helps - probably you can remember yourself being a beginner and feeling helpless as a baby. My head akes because of tones of sources and readmes, so please welcome: quick text transfer from desktop to palm powered handheld.

I think this should be two applications - one of them running on desktop, and another one's on palm. The former builds in context menu and sends selectd portion of text (from browser, ICQ, notepad - whatever) through IR or Bluetooth to palm. Should be easy to do. The former accept text/plain data and puts it in clipboard - as simple as that.

This really is easy and can be done by just cutting Memo sources, leaving only Exchange and Clipboard functions. Register for data, become default application for text, receive it and put to clipboard. Four easy steps.

I think this is gonna be quite useful. Please if you think this idea is stupid anyway, leave a comment so I know what you think of it or probably you know a better way of sending text portions than copy to notepad, save, send, accept to memos, select, copy, paste - that would really help a lot. Thanks everybody in advance!