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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffgibson
    I do have a release candidate at:

    This is version 1.08 and should fix the problem you are reporting. Can you confirm?


    I have downloaded it and will let you know. Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffgibson
    I think I may have found the problem if what you were seeing is StopDim not keeping the phone from dimming during a call. I have posted an update to StopDim in my Early Access Download Area (
    What is the current version? I installed and registered StopDim (v1.10) directly from gotreosoftware a few days ago. With it set to both stop the screen dimming and "fix the auto-off bug" on my Treo 650 (treo650-1.17-CNG), not only did the Treo auto-off on me at 30 seconds, the screen turned off on me while in headset/speakerphone mode (BT car speaker kit) and plugged into power.
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    I am using a Treo 650 with Verizon. Neither version 1.10 or version 1.20 with the stop dimming option box checked functions properly. Neither option causes the dimming to stop.

    Also, what I have noticed, which Verizon told me is normal with the Treo 650, is that approximately 30 seconds into a call the screen dims slightly then after about another minute the screens dims again (but this time very dim). Once I tap the screen the brightness returns to normal.

    Any ideas?
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    Strange problem with StopDim this morning. It is registered, but starting this morning it is forcing the network connection to try to do "web registration" and when it connects it says it's not registered and can't register, then forces a reset. When the phone starts back up, it forces the network connection again and starts the process all over. I tried deleting the application and reinstalling it, but it does the same thing. Needless to say, StopDim has been removed from my Treo.

    I have the latest version (1.22, I think). Has anyone else had this problem or do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance...
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    I have this problem too. My phone will just reset itself, then it will show the web registration for stopdim (which is not registered) then it will loop in resetting itself. The frustrating thing is when i get it to stop looping, have to use backupman because it has totally reset my phone as though i did a hard reset.
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