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    I've been trying to get some decent ring tones for my phone but am hesitant to drop 30 bucks on vanity ring tone software when all i want is a few more. Midi files all seem to be these big instrumental songs that sound like they came out of the electric "organ" in my gram's dining room (ugh!) GSM treo 650 apparently will use .amr which is a lo-fi recordable format, and the palm site said that the sprint phones use something called qclep instead (another lo-fi voice optimized format apparently done by qualcomm) I am guessing that if I can convert wavs or mp3s to qclep I can sneakernet them onto my phone with an sd but I'm not sure.
    Anyone know if Verizon phones actually use qclep or if there is any way to convert files without having to buy studio grade software?
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    From what I understand, the Treo 650 will only natively accept WAV files, which it converts on its own to AMR. Be warned that a 30 second QCP file (about 50KB) will turn into just shy of 1 MB after conversion.
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    I saws several references which implied that .amr is only used on the gsm variants of the phone. The verizon manual also makes a reference to qclep as being a format it uses. I suppose it is possible that it might convert .wav to qclep. Where might I find a description of how to do this?
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    found my source for that data,Kb=PalmSupportKB,ts=Palm_External2001,case=obj(19349)

    further research shows that contact alarms will not use the recorded sounds at all whatever it's variety (I recorded a test using the embedded function, calender won't assign it as a tone) which makes the problem problematic to begin with, as what I also really really want are alternate alarm tones as well as alternate rings.
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    Yes I saw those references as well. I have a Sprint version and I'm not sure what format it converts to... maybe it is QCLEP instead of AMR. In any case, the way I was able to convert it was to email it to the Treo then click on the attachment. Once it does that it imports it into "Sounds" where your other ringtones are.
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    I've been trying to live without verizon data service as it is absurdly expensive (like twice what everyone else charges, what's the deal with that anyway?), so email is out for me. I tried to load up versamail and create the email, attach wavs from my sd card, then read it but for some reason it didn't work.
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    I make my own AMR files, using Audacity to create the loop, and the MikSoft mobile AMR creator to convert them. I would reccomend just trying an AMR on your phone, worst case is you delete it.

    To get it on the phone, email it to the account you check from the phone. click on the attachment in versamail, and it becomes a selection in the "sounds" app.

    I ONLY convert music I own , The Clash, Should I stay or should I go, is my current ringtone.

    I have not heard of qclep as I am a GSM Cing customer. I just cant see that they would convert the entire audio application from the palm basic, to another format.
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    He said he can't email them because he doesn't have any data access.
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    an update on the calender thing, calender will accept hand recorded alarms which implies it will take amp/qclep. DatebookDB5 (a calender replacement and far superior in all other ways but this one) however will not.

    The main competitor currently to db5 appears to be agendus. I avoided it as it looked to be (perhaps incorectly) a lame rip of db5 for pocket pc which then got ported back to palm. It might have an advantage here though. Does anyone know if agendus will use recorded/amr/qclep alarms?

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    "I have not heard of qclep as I am a GSM Cing customer. I just cant see that they would convert the entire audio application from the palm basic, to another format."

    Yeah seems nutty to me too. I keep seeing refrences though.
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    To avoid using the data plan,

    Copy the file to a sd card, then insert the card
    use the browser to directly navigate to the file
    1) use 'Go to Web Page'
    2) Type the 'file://SDCard/Palm/...' (SDCard being the name of the card and the path being to the file you are looking to import) in manually.
    The import should work automatically from there

    Also see this thread for other ideas on moving files into rings
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    tried the web solution with both 2 slashes and three just to be sure. kept getting "Unknown error. Url: [filename]. These were .wavs I'll try it on the other format next. I simply can't even find a qclept file to download though so I have no way to test it.

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