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    From what I've seen of the MobiTV beta thread, I think it would be safe to say that there's a lot of us Treo nuts who love it. Many I, including myself probably, will subscribe. Many more would subscribe if there were some more variety in the content.

    I know we aren't all going to agree on one single channel we couldn't live without, but I figure we can start somewhere and I'd be willing to try to get ahold of someone at the SciFi channel (unless someone out there already HAS an inside contact) to talk with MobiTV if they aren't already. Never hurts to ask. They may already be in talks with MobiTV and we just might be able to convince them that it would be a good idea let MobiTV carry them.

    The contact @ MobiTV I suggested it to seemed to be supportive of the idea. The more channels they can offer, the more subscribers they'll make out of us. =)

    So what do you think?
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    SciFi would be nice. So would Spike, or TBS, TNT, or even the big 3 ABC,NBC,CBS.

    So far MobiTV has too many sports/news/sportsnews channels and not enough "other" programming. I don't want music videos either. I want to catch Everybody loves Raymond, when no TV is around, or Law and Order. Something interesting.

    That or I would like to see mobitv get into the ondemand market. Where you could pick a tv show and watch the last episode. Thats alittle better because you never know when your going to be watching it. So nothing maybe on at all. With an ondemand model I just pick Siegnfeld or Law and Order and I can start watching right away and kill a half hour wait at the DMV or on the subway.
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    I've requested it before to mobitv, everyone request it and we shall hope for it
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    Sci-Fi, TBS, TNT, USA

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