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    I was impressed by treoware's barcode/13 application which allows you to scan in a barcode with your treo's camera. It is offered for free to be included in freeware applications, and since I haven't seen any, I decided I would write one!

    I am writing a game where you scan in a barcode to generate a monster. Then you can scan more barcodes to gain powerups, items, etc. After you have created and developed your monster, you can fight your monster against others. Pretty simple right?

    So I need ideas and some help with resources.

    -I need art for the monsters. Small bitmaps will do. Does anyone know a resource of "opensource" art? icons, buddy icons, etc. would probably work. It might also be fun to get a real artist signed on to draw the monsters and in turn the game can promote his/her work - does anyone have a favorite small time artist?

    -monster generation
    I was thinking that most monsters will just be selected from a database based on a calculation performed on the UPC code - that way every code produces a monster. Also, I would have specific or special monsters correlating to popular upc codes (coke cans, etc.) I need ideas for popular UPCs. I also need ideas on the calculation to preform on a UPC code. Since many of them come with leading 0's it will require a little bit (not much) thinking.

    I need ideas for fighting? Should it be turn based, should you have control over the actions once the fight has started? Should it be realtime mortal kombat style?I don't think I want to animate anything, but creative ideas for how the fight could take place would be helpful. Also, what do you get if you win?

    I would like to hear any other ideas that you guys might have, and also gauge the interest in a project like this. So far I have written the basic shell of the program and the monster generation part of it. I have also started working on the database of monsters. Also found this: which might be useful for ideas, although I don't want to copy anything that has already been done.
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    I really am sorry to inform you that the application doesn't work for me. I tried some twenny bars and even helping it with the first digit never helps. Not a single successful recognition.
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    are you using a treo 600 or a 650?
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