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    Is there any good software that converts doc or memo composed on Visor into MS Word on Mac? My father-in-law wants to write a long document with Stowaway on his Visor and format/spell check etc. on Mac. He's tried Takenotes but felt it was too complicated(not Takenotes itself but conversion from Visor to Word).

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    You might want to take a look at Mac Palm Doc

    I can't tell you anything about how it works since I don't have a Mac but I'm always on the lookout for Mac options for some other users at work. I ran across this one but so far don't know anyone that uses it.

    I'd be interested in comments from anyone that uses it or info on other Mac supported programs.
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    i use makedocdd. i got it from palmgear. very simple: drag and drop the icon and it asks if you want to go .prc to text or text to .prc. then install it normally. i use smartdoc on the visor. as far as text goes, you do have to convert from word into text... so you lose all rtf stuff, but i understand that to be the case nearly everywhere. i think documents to go just released rtf options on the visor with 1 step syncing, but i don't think it's available for the mac. i've exchanged email with the cesinc (makers of smartdoc) people about quickword, which is supposed to give (nearly) seamless synchronization with word, but they haven't released the mac conduit yet.
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    the easiest solution i have found is to write the memo and sync the visor. then in the palm menu on the menubar launch the desktop program... go to view notes and select the note u want to open in MS word... Then copy the body of the text, open a blank document in MS Word and copy... This especially works well if you dont need to do a lot of formatting...
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    Thanks matty. I'll tell him about makedocdd. I hope they release Quickword conduit for mac someday!

    Thanks californiaboyhead. Yes, it seems simple but for a 67-year-old that's a little too many steps
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