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    Has anyone used one of these: "Virtual Laser Keyboard", with a Treo or otherwise? Are they reliable (that is, do they reliably detect what key you're pressing)? Can you type on one at a good rate of speed, or is the Treo thumb-board faster? Also, I saw one post by someone saying they could not get it to work with the T650, with no resolution (since June), even thought it claims support for the 650... has anyone gotten one to work with a T650 yet?
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    Get me one and I'll try it out. Otherwise, $200 is a little steep for me.
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    Most of the reviews I've seen say that it doesn't work well...

    I guess another web-site is sending email to everyone trying to sell them... I got a few emails today..
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    I did try one at a conference I was at last Feb. in D.C. It did not seem to react very well. Plus, since you were not actually on a keyboard, there was no tactile feel. It was not with a Treo. I think the PDA it was being used with was a HP. It was an individuals and not a vendors so no one was trying to sell it. In fact, he said he was probably going to send it back. It just did not respond or feel right to him. It did make a great conversation piece though.
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    I use one with a Nokia 6620/tablet PC and it is superb. Works great in the dark (like when at a telescope/observatory). Red light is great for not wiping out night vision. Highly recommended--got mine for $170 via ebay.

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    i tried the one down in our lab here at work and found it didnt work that well. It missed key strokes
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    I had one but:
    -Bluetooth was broken. It could not be discovered by Treo or several different PCs, in tests with positive and negative controls side-by-side.
    -I could still test it out by hearing keyclicks. It generally worked, but as a touch typist, some of my fingers seemed to block the light path for the others with moderately fast typing.
    -The laser is bright, reflecting off of a desk. I seemed to have some mild post-use retinal bleaching, like after a flash goes off.
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    I always use mine at minimum intensity. Deliberate typing is necessary for excellent accuracy.

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    I finally got mine to work with my 650 after about a day of messing with the settings. Works great on memo pad and versa mail, but I can't get it to work with doc's to go. Has anyone been able to get it to work with that program?
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    how is the battery life?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kabuto
    how is the battery life?
    It seems to last about what the instructions say it does - 2 hours - as long as you use the low intensity setting.
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    I'm also curious if this works well with the 650.

    I'm wondering if it will work with web browsers(Blazer,Webpro etc.) so I can surf the web without touching the Treo's keyboard. In other words, besides the actual letter keys will the up/down left/right arrows on virtual keyboard act like the 5way nav on the Treo? Please help me
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    Being bluetooth enabled, you wouldn't be able to use this keyboard onboard an aircraft.

    Progress? Well, at least I can get color traffic maps now...
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