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    Hey all,

    I did a hard reset last night to clear up a stuck SMS message on my 650 (the phone app claimed there was a message there, but none could be seen, even after a full purge), and for some reason I can no longer write an SMS longer than 160 characters.

    Just for info, I have a Cingular branded phone, upgraded to 1.15, which has been unlocked and is working on the fido/Rogers network here in Vancouver.

    Any suggestions? I've done several hard resets and tested it with the bare system and still it doesn't allow me to write long messages.


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    wow , I've never heard of sms longer than 160 on gsm
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    That's weird...I thought the reason they called it short messaging was because only 160 characters are allowed by protocol design.
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    Perhaps I should explain more. You can write an overall message longer than 160 characters, the network will simply break it into messages 160 characters in length before transmitting it on to the destination. I've written one that was over 500 characters (5 messages) before now, but now I can't get past a single 160 character message
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    I've come with a solution, please find it here:;topicseen#new

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