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    So I just made my 1st major Treo accessory purchase- TomTom 5 with the BT-338 reciever! Cant wait to get it!!

    Question for you road warriors out there- I travel alot- which is the main reason Im getting this... Im going to need a decent windshield mount for my Treo which I can easily tuck away for travelling.

    Any recommendations?

    Thanks in advance!!
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    Ordered it too late for this trip but should be waiting for me when I return. I'll post a review when I get back. Email me if I forget.
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    Arkon has a pretty decent one. I wanted one with a 14" reach. Most on the market are around 9" reach. They do have a smaller cradle just out. I ordered it from them them the other day but that part has not arrived yet. The windshield mount is pretty stable.
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    you referring to the 2nd one down on this page? Let me know how you like it.
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    Here is the one I bought.

    $8 bucks. Saw other websites selling the exact same one for $30.
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    nice... so it doesnt look "gaudy" at all? and is it long enough for you to reach it without leaning forward?
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    I bought one off Ebay for $4.99, didn't want to be out a huge amount of money if I didn't like...well, have just coming back from 2 weeks of vacation and driving...I loved the thing. It only has about a 9" reach but in my car works fine for me.

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