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    Does anyone know if there any software that will work with versamail to do spell check?
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    ^ To my knowledge the short answer is "no".

    But what I do when I need to spell check an email (usually an important or "official" one) is copy the text out of the mail client (in my case Chatter) and paste it into WordToGo--which is part of the DocumentsToGo suite--which I think comes bundled with every T650.

    Now, I'm not too sure about VersaMail, but with Chatter when I leave the application with an email draft open, and when I launch Chatter again, the draft remains open (so it returns me to where I left off). I then paste the spellchecked text over the original text and send the email.

    It's kind of a cumbersome process, but it works
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    Actually, there are apps that you can use to spell check in versamail. I'm using QuickCheck 4.3 to check for misspellings as I type, and then if there are spelling errors I use Spell Check US 1.6 to correct the misspellings. I did a search on this topic a week ago and this was the set-up recommended by someone. It works really well. I only enable QuickCheck when I want to use it, otherwise it checks for misspellings in whatever app you are using. With Spell Check I use the Finder key to launch it, but you need to have the cursor within the text otherwise you will launch the finder. If you do a search you will find more info, in case I forgot to mention something, plus there are other apps and set-ups you can utilize.
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    Anyone still using and not having system slowdown problems?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jjennings
    Anyone still using and not having system slowdown problems?
    I started using Spellcheck 1.6 and have no slow down issues. It has two dictionaries: one small one for ram and one large one for SD card. The program will search the small file first for common mistakes and then go to the SD card only if needed. Really smart program.

    I heard QuickCheck can slow down, but only if you have the pdb file on the sd card, so this will depend on how much room you can surrender on your treo.

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