Son of a gun . . . after a weeks use I just had to send my BT Treo headset back to Dan's Cellular accessories to swap for another one. Nothing wrong with it's operation I'm very pleased with it so far but . . .

A small rattle developed inside the headset most notably when I was walking. Since it sits in front of my ear canal it was magnified greatly so I sent it in for a swap before my 30 days expire.

Hope this is not a problem with the whole lot of them that Dan is currently stocking. Probably a piece of plastic or solder that loosened up inside. Didn't want to chance poppping it open myself though.

I called Palms tech support before I mailed it, they said this is not a known issue, so I feel confident that it is just a fluke. I hope so, because I really like this one over the Mot HS 850 that I first tested and don't want to start trying out new ones. This BT Treo headset with all it's auto features matches up very well with the Treo 650.

Boy, It's amazing how fast I got attached to using it in 1 week, I miss it already and I only mailed it out yesterday