I have tried to find information about this everywhere with no success, so I have decided to start this thread. I am a treo newbie and a begginer teckie. I have the need of a Data Base program to carry with me and collect all the details of each case I work with, since I am out of the office most of the times. I have customized my own DB with HandBase, but the learning curve to create forms has put me down, aside from a bug that keeps resetting my treo and loosing my data bases.

I decided to give SmartList to go a try and I have liked it so far. The forms designer is really simple and easy to setup, asides form creating very nice forms. HandDases requires precision formatting which I seem to never get right. Another important factor has been that SmartList syncronizes on my SD card and my DBs promise to keep growing.

The real functionality for me is that I am able to syncronize the information I have generated during the day with my laptop and my office computer. At the same time updating my handheld with my office computer. SmartList has proven to be more stable in that sense than HandDBase.

I would like to take things to the next level and be able to draw a report for my client, just printing the data I have already collected. To that extent, Smart List desktop has a great form view, that if I could print it, would be ready to send to my clients. The problem is that I can not print the individual record form view but only the records view. The result is, I get all my fields in a landscape orientation and not portrait as in the form view. Since I have between 40 to 45 fields, it makes it impossible for the data to be displayed in one whole page for each case.

I would like to know if there is a way I can print that individual forms view of from SmartList? Do I need to get any other software? I have Office 2003 Standard Edition. I tried to print the screen Alt-Prt Sc but I couldn't capture the full content.

How do you guys out there use this or any other dbase for Palm? Does anyone know a way around this? I am playing with something called imposition software, to see if I can get it to print the individual record.

I would appreciate your comments and input on the subject.