I recently replaced the Verizon 7135 with a Cingular 650 and honestly I am very disappointed with the Treo. The Treo's shortcomings are mainly software related and could easily be addressed by Palm.

Here are my gripes (hopefully somebody knows a better way):
  • When using a Palm application and the phone rings, it is impossible to get back into the application right where I left off without having to go through the menu first (Kyocera had the phone key on the graffiti area that allowed switching back and forth)
  • I can't dial a number in a Memo. With the Kyocera I was able to highlight any number anywhere and hit the phone icon on the graffiti area. Update: The "FieldPlus" freeware will do that but not as smooth as the Kyocera since it requires more steps.
  • Scenario: Call somebody's office number and when that person is not there you want to call the cell phone number. With the 650 you have to search for the person's number again by entering the name. With the Kyocera you just hit the phone icon and the screen goes back to the Contact manager with the contact open and you just hit the cell phone number. That's 2 quick button presses for the Kyo vs almost 10 for the Treo!
  • It's easy to accidentally hang up the phone since there is a hangup icon on the screen and if you hit that with your ear you end up talking with yourself. There is a function to disable the screen during calls, but then all the other functions such as speakerphone, swap calls, conference
    calling, mute, etc are disabled too because these are accessed through the screen!
  • Searching for contacts is difficult. It doesn't just give me the "Lookup line" to enter the Company name when I enter it, but instead searches under names and companies and gives too many results while missing the one I'm looking for. Is there a way to enable the old way of searching with a search line as on Palm OS 4?
  • After editing a contact and clicking done it doesn't highlight the contact so that you can dial it, but instead lists the top contact with the same first letter. You have to scroll down or reenter the person's name. What a drag with my 3000 contacts!
  • Phone always turns off just after the call finishes
  • The 650 turns on and off constantly when it looses and regains reception and has bluetooth activity. This is a big waste of battery and drives everyone crazy.
  • NO VOICE DIALING! This is a huge minus. With the Kyocera I just hit the button on the headset and it asks for the name and voila! I don't know how the $3/month voice dial feature works, but it's probably a hassle it has to dial into the network to do that and it probably won't work when I'm out of the country roaming.
  • No Graffiti. I'm looking for a software that I ran into before to draw letters on the screen. It's cumbersome for me to hold the stylus to select something and then have to release it to type or delete text. Update: Already found a software to do that called "Graffiti Anywhere". Now anyone know how to get the old style graffiti working?
  • Keyboard backlight always stays on and brightness of the keys is not adjustable and is extremely bright. Update: found a nice program by "LilApps" that turns the keyboard on and off automatically.
  • No easy Date Stamp in the Palm and in Palm Desktop.
  • Many cool OS 4 applications don't work on the 650 anymore

The main reason I switched to the 650 was because I needed GSM coverage for European travel. I
was also driven to the 650 because I was interested in having Bluetooth and the high res screen with the faster processor. Other than that the Kyocera is better in every way. So hopefully I get used to these shortcomings or find solutions.