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    I use Outlook 2003 and would like to sync my Treo 650 and my wife's Treo 600 so that both calendars can be shown on a single screen next to each other - has anyone tried this out before? What profiles do I have to create?

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    Are you talking about seeing both on the Treo? Can't do it at the same time. You could on the computer. In any case, you will need to use Chapura's PocketMirror Pro or KeySuites to sync two different calenders.
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    I am looking for a PIM that will allow me to sync two Treo 600's with one computer running two Outlook 2003 profiles. The folks at DataViz replied back to me that their application has never been tested with that config (and I would need two licenses, with only one installation of the software.) I downloaded a trial of Agendus and liked it, but have not heard back from their tech support.

    Other suggestions -- need Contacts and Calendar synching.
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    I am looking to sync two Treos -- my wife and mine -- against our respective Outlook 2003 profiles. Do you use a PIM and if so which one?
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    Why didn't you just continue with your other thread instead of starting a new one?

    In any case, the regular Palm pim will let you sync two Outlook profiles with two Treos on the same computer. You will have to log in separately in Windows because there is generally one Outlook profile per computer. When you sync up, the Palm pim automatically uses the Outlook profile for that user, as long as you have designated Outlook as your pim.

    If you are talking about syncing two different calenders in one Outlook profile, you need Chapura XT Pro or Keysuites.

    Also, I don't think you would need two licenses for Chapura because it is not based on username, but only on the purchaser.
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