has anyone had a problem like this with Ptunes (version 3.1) and the 650: create a playlist of several mp3's. lets call the list a,b,c,&d. You are listening to "b" at the 2 minute mark and pause ptunes to do something else. you go to resume and it is waiting there at "b" on 2 minutes. That's good. Now it has continued playing and you are now at the 3 minute mark on "c" and a phone call comes in. ptunes pauses and you take the call, but afterward, it does NOT resume. So you open ptunes and find it is paused at the 2 minute mark on "b", not the 3 minute mark on "c"
Now sometimes it does resume after a call and at the right spot and there are even sometimes when it doesn't restart and I go to ptunes to resume it does have the correct pause point, but normally it is a problem.
Anyone have this happen? Their tech support hasn't been able to help.

This is a pain for me because I am listening to long segements of audio, not songs, and trying to get back to where I was can be time consuming.