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    I picked up a pair of Oakley Razor Wires today at my local Cingular store.

    The bottom line is I don't think they're worth $294.99+ so I'm going to return them.

    They paired right up with my 650 and worked fairly well. There was some static in the Treo wasn't real close to me but that's pretty normal.

    -The volume of the BT headset is VERY loud.
    -The BT headset can be used away from the glasses but it's hard to keep it in the ear.
    -They come in three colors.
    -No case is included, only a soft bag.
    -Only a home charger, no auto charger is included.
    -Uses a mini-usb style charger.
    -Is surprisingly comfortable to wear.
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    if the headset wont stay in your ear without the glasses they must expect you to only use the headset outside in the sun, hmm. The glasses look ok though.
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    It does seem possible to keep the BT headset in your ear away from the glasses by simple friction. Although I don't know how it would work for an extended period of time. My guess is it would eventually fall out.

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