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    Hi Folks,

    I'm curious what people's opinions are on these two pieces of software. Here's where I'm at:

    1. needed to make a program to track my hours worked and various clients (i'm a freelance web designer).

    2. downloaded thinkdb and tried to make such a program. encountered serious problems/errors/bugs. posted my dillema to the thinkdb egroups help thingy. people posted complicated workarounds (and confirmed that what i was attempting to do was the correct way but that, indeed, the calc fields are buggy when dealing with time variables.)

    3. rather than work with the bugs, i downloaded handbase. found their manual considerably better than thinkdb and found no bugs. made the app i needed in about 25 minutes. works great.

    however, i constantly read reviews praising thinkdb and many of third party apps/dbs that i see at palmgear and stuff require thinkdb.

    i am now near the point of having to register handbase. i'm wondering:

    a. is thinkdb particularly buggy? or was i just "lucky" in that the app i needed to make enountered one of their only bugs?

    b. what are people's opinions of handbase?

    the thing i particularly like about thinkdb is that it has tabs, which handbase does not, so you have to scroll.

    any thoughts?


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    i'm a jfile user myself, and while i don't use it to calculate anything, i do use a different app to track my freelance activities: alltime from

    you can import datebook appointments (which is particularly great if you use action names, because attached contacts are automatically billed as clients), charge by user or activity, by the hour or flat rate, with a seemingly unlimited list of clients, projects and activities. it also has an expense tracker. you can then export your info (by category, client, whatever) to the memopad where a quick import to excel can happen. i haven't tried to export to memopad then import directly to quicksheet, yet, but maybe soon. oh, you can also set it up as a punchclock, and it has a mileage tracker, but i don't drive so that's sort of useless to me. this app is pretty killer. i've remapped one of my hardware buttons to it i use it so much. i don't remember what i paid for it, but it was probably 30 bucks or so.
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    I've used HanDBase for about six weeks now, and love it! While I haven't gotten into the kind of databases you're talking about, I'm sure that there's something to suit your needs among the 500+ (mostly free) user-submitted databases at their site. I've downloaded several of the dbs and have been able to customize some that were "almost right" into just what I needed.

    The setup of dbs couldn't be easier and the desktop component makes using data from other programs a breeze. Support is superb as well.

    This and ActionNames have been the two most "productive" programs I've purchased and both have been well worth their prices!
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    I've used HanDBase for about six months now and really like it. I am technologically challenged but have found it easy to use. Good technical support. I'm an attorney and use it to organize different subject matter areas in a way that is searchable. I haven't tried ThinkDB or JFile Pro, so I can't compare. But it's hard to believe that they could be easier to use.
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    ThinkDB is very powerful as a database. They are about to reaease a new version with many new features. You must spend some time with it (as with any software) to learn it.

    Down load the .pdf manual from their web site and read it.

    I think it is the most advanced of all the database progs.
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    After looking at Both HanDbase and ThinkDB, I have settled now on dbNOW, which you can see at
    It has the advantage of having a desktop counterpart which synchronises files on a record-by -record basis, and this also means you can construct your database on the desktop instead of trying to work with Graffiti strokes. It imports and exports CSV files, and is very customizable.
    I downloaded the trial version, and then paid up for it ($14.99) next day. By the way the price is 50% off for this month.
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    I recommend ThinkDB without a doubt.

    It is true that the current version has a few limitations, but a friend of mine sent me a beta version of the next upgrade. Boy, it is really cool, does anybody know when ThinkDB version 2 will be available? Will it be a free upgrade for current users?
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    I believe you get free upgrades for a year after purchase.

    Regarding an earlier comment: ThinkDB also has a PC interface program that lets you construct and edit databases on a PC and then hot sync them.

    I was told their next update (comming very soon I was told by their tech supp.) will have links to the address book and two way conduits to the pc and back. It is also a relational database which lets one database reference data in another.(this is good for looking up prices in one database and then entering them in another database.)
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    I tried both Handbase and ThinkDB and I ended up registering ThinkDb. It is s alot more pleasing to the Eyes and very powerful and functional. Handbase is like plain vanilla while the ThinkDB is Cherry Vanilla.
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    I tried the shareware versions of both HanDBase and ThinkDB, and decided HanDBase was the one I wanted. It isn't as pretty as ThinkDB, but HanDBase is easier to use, IMHO, for setting up relational databases.

    What I really want to do is interface seamlessly with some MS Access databases on my desktop, and so I hope to persuade my IT folks at work to procure Pendragon Forms. Even if I get Pendragon loaded, I expect to continue using HanDBase for personal stuff.
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    Why do you need a data base? Take a look at Teak I have used it for years. Keeps track of mileage, how much time you spend on a client (just tap the hour glass and it tracks it until you tap it again). Exports to Excel for reports. Very nice.

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