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    My headset jack is currently experiencing poor quality, both low volume output and a kind of an "echo" quality, as if the sound was resonating in a room. This persists across multiple handsfree sets, so I know it's the Treo.

    I started noticing problems over the weekend playing Pocket Tunes, as I was only getting one stereo channel when listening to music. (I don't think this is what it usually does.)

    I had VolumeCare installed, and set it to increase the volume of the headset. When I experienced problems, I deleted it but it's still persisting.

    Is there any chance this is a software problem for which I should do a hard reset, or is it probably hardware.

    Any suggestions appreciated!
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    I'd give VolumeCare another shot. You can also check with Jeff, he has his own forum on the board, in the developers section.

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