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    I have a Treo 270, and replaced the battery yesterday. The phone no longer makes a connection to the Internet. I am using Blazer browser version 2.1.3 Build 12 on Cingular. The Network is set to "Wireless Internet" (which is Cingular's original Circuit-Switched Data, or CSD network, the predecessor to their GPRS always-on connection), because it uses "minutes" of connect time rather than bytes of data transfer. [I never use all my minutes.] In its Network preferences, it shows "Locked", indicating that Cingular has control over the dialing settings. Until yesterday, this connection has given me literally years of trouble-free usage.

    When going to the browser, it always has immediately begun the dialing process, and reported that on-screen with several messages (culminating with "Signing on"). Now it gives none of those messages, so I believe it is not dialing.

    I've spent an hour on the phone with Cingular tech support and we did a refresh (a command set sent from Cingular), and a hard-reset (clearing out all the memory and programs, including the Blazer browser - called "Cingular" ) followed by a HotSync. All back to the same, except that it isn't dialing for the Internet.

    I even tried to modify the "MyWirelessWindow" network setting with the phone number that the Cingular customer rep gave to me. No luck with that network either - it just doesn't seem to be dialing.

    Any suggestions?
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    The problem got "kicked upstairs" from Cingular's regular tech support to the "real" gurus, one of which just called me back. Turns out that when I changed the battery, that caused enough of a reset for my phone to reach out to Cingular's network and seek to have the settings re-established. Since "Wireless Internet" is a service feature that they no longer sell or support, the refresh that got sent to my phone did not re-enable the CSD service on my Treo 270. They claim there's nothing they can do. (sure!).

    I'm forced to upgrade to GPRS and a "Wireless Internet Express" plan, or some other expensive monthly 'data' plan. Oh well, it was a great few years while it lasted. This tech told me that Cingular was dismantling the CSD network anyway (already gone in some markets), in favor of their newer, faster DataConnect network.

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