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    I have had my treo 650 cingular for 27 days now. Now I have to press the D key harder then the rest for it to work. This is the second one I have tried as the P key did the same thing on the last one. I finaly have a device that is stable and paid to get it unlocked to work with tmobile. I don't want to exchange it. Should I just return it and give up? Will the key eventualy stop working al togehter?
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    If the key's still a problem after a hard reset (but before you've restored anything), i'd return it while your warranty is still in effect.
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    Tough call especially when the device is stable and unlocked. If the letter were "X" or some other rarely used letter, it might not be an issue. If your name is David or Daniel, no need to ask us.
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    I just recently had my "p" key fixed, albeit I am with SPCS. I went into my local SPCS store and they replaced the part that makes the key pop up and all is well. Took them about 1hr (that is always there quoted). I decied to go this route instead of returning the phone because my phone is very stable.
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    I think their is an app that'll pop up a virtual keyboard on your Treo window, just in case all else fails.


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