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    I am new to palm treo650. I am trying to take somepictures and songs from my mac and put them on my treo. I can't figure out how to do it. I dragged the pics to the particualr folder (can't remember name - I'm at work) and then tried to synch it, but it didn't work.

    Please help.

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    not sure on a mac, but if it's like a pc, it's easier to use a card reader if available, or use quick install. but when syncing, the default action is to sync handheld to desktop. you'll need to reverse that. from the desktop menu, select hotsync>custom, then find handheld overwrites desktop, then change that.

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    You need to get your pictures into the DCIM folder, and your songs in the AUDIO folder on your sd card.
    There are numerous ways of doing that, but that's what needs to get done. I would recommend using an sd card reader.
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