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    I am thinking of finally taking the plunge and buying a Cingular Treo 650. Has Cingular's 1.31 firmware update resolved the reset issues and other problems? Would I still need VolumeCare? Has it fixed VersaMail?
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    As far as Cingular's Treo 650, I've had no real issues with resets or low volume even on the 1.04SW/1.05FW. It has worked beautifully until I updated to 1.31. Then suffered from resets and not waking up from sleep (others may have different results, these are just mine).
    I've replaced my unit, and kept the 1.04SW/1.05FW. Resets aren't an issue, and I don't use Volume Care (don't need to, but it might be nice in a really LOUD restaurant). Versamail works fine on mine, but I don't get massive amounts of email.
    I'd say resets are probably coming from bad hardware, vs. the Software/Firmware version.
    It seems the Cingular issues seem to have been fixed once the Hardware units with the Solid Black speaker icon came out.

    I don't know if all new units will have the 1.31 FW preloaded. From what I've heard, that Versamail version seems to be better.

    I say - do it! If you run clean for two days without any resets, you've got a good unit. If it resets frequently, you've got a bad unit, and get yourself an exchange (you have 30 days with in-store exchanges).
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    Thank you Mr. Coffee. I wonder if the people who experience problems with 1.31 are those that upgraded. I suspect that buying a new one with 1.31 preinstalled would be OK. I haven't heard about the solid black speaker icon before. Where is it? On the keyboard or on the screen? Was the previous one not solid?
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    The Speaker Icon is on the top (the physical switch to mute the Treo). The "On" icon should be solid. The ones from before (more or less) March had the On as an outlined icon.

    This whole 1.31 issue - perhaps with it preinstalled, it might be OK. Can anyone with a factory installed 1.31 chime in?

    You could compare this to the whole Windows XP Service Pack 2 update. My old computer didn't run as well when updated from SP1 to SP2. My latest computer came preinstalled with SP2, and runs so much better than the old one.
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    I upgraded to 1.31.

    The only problem I can attribute to this is that after a phone call lasting longer than 1 minute, the Treo keeps going into power-save mode (switches off) after 30 seconds. This is regardless of the setting in Prefs->Power.

    Jeff Gibson has released a new application ($5) that will let you disable this buggy behavior.
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    The Power Save mode is driving me freaking NUTZ!

    It's always turning off, and I refuse to buy profile care to fix it.
    This shoulda been hot fixed with in 24 hours.

    Besides that 1.31 had been great for me.

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    Thank you for all your extremely helpful responses so far. I hope we hear from more people. How do I find Jeff Gibson's fix for the power save problem?
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    I upgraded my Cingular to 1.31. Luckily, I do not suffer from any resets or power-save problems.

    I've had it occasionally lockup requiring a soft-reset, but I've had this on all my Palms/PPCs.

    I don't like the screen-off "feature" while talking on the phone, wish they would have made it an option... but it is more annoying than it is a problem.

    I use VolumeCare because I spend alot of time talking in places with lots of ambient noise, VC makes it much easier for me to hear (and the mic-control helps me sometimes attenuate the noise for the listener).

    I've never heard of the icon-difference thing... but mine is the "outline" icon and started out on 1.04 if I recall the number correctly.

    Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Calman
    Thank you for all your extremely helpful responses so far. I hope we hear from more people. How do I find Jeff Gibson's fix for the power save problem?

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    Cingular GSM
    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A
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    Going from 1.05 to 1.31 introduces long DMTF tones - to the point some cannot check their work voice mail.

    I'd go back if I could just b/c of this.

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