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    It seems that my Goodlink install doesn't sync anything that I type in Memo. I had this on a T600 and I thought I remembered that there was a Good Memo app installed with GoodLink but now on my T650 there is only the default Memo app.

    Am I missing a piece to GoodLink or does it not sync Memo's and I'm imagining things?


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    When you say memos do you mean notes? If so, try a soft reset and see if that clears things up
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    On my 650, I don't have Notes. I have Memos and Tasks

    Tasks sync up fine but Memos does not. It isn't even called Good Memo or anything like that.


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    On the GoodLink home screen, across the bottom there is a task bar that you can scroll through: email, calendar, compose,contacts,tasks and notes (looks like a notepad). Is that not there?

    Also, what version of GL are you running? To find out: Menu->Options->GoodLink Preferences->About
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    Thanks.. Just actually found it after I posted. I guess I was expecting a stand alone app. Like a "Good Notes" or something. I could have sworn there was one when I was using my T600. Perhaps not.

    I'm using version

    Thanks for the help

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    Is there a Notes icon on the Palm home screen?
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    No, I have nothing called Notes.
  8. #8 should. When you upgrade to 4.5, it should be there.
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    About the upgrade. We currently only have a 4.036 Server, should I upgrade?

    I talked with the Good Admin and he says they can't push out a 4.5 install to me if they're running the server at 4.0. Where would I get it at?

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    You can download the desktop installer and the new client from the Good website.

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