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    I recently moved from the PC to the Mac (2GHz 20" iMac), and am having problems with my Treo syncing now. I heard that the Palm Desktop is pretty bad for the Mac, so I bought Missing Sync to sync with. At first I thought everything was working fine, but then noticed that my memos were getting duplicated everytime I synced. Has anyone else seen this?

    Thankfully, I found Stevens Creek UnDupe program to remove the dupes easily.

    I have quite a few memos (about 700). Mark/Space say that it could be corruption in my Memo database. Does anyone have any recommendations for exporting and re-importing my memo pad database, to try and remove the corruption. By the way, the duplication doesn't happen on my PC, so I am not sure there is corruption.

    Thanks - I really want to use my Treo with my new Mac!

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    First I continue to use Palm desktop for memos even though I have missing sync.
    Palm is the only program that supports categories for memos.

    Second you can only have one memo conduit otherwise things get confusing. Enable/disable the original memo and the missing sync memo conduit so only one is enabled.
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    Not entirely true....the choose a single conduit is correct. Since you have Missing Sync, it comes with a stand alone application for viewing, creating, and editing memos. Memos can be categorized with this application. Enable the MarkSpace conduit and disable to other to use this application. If you use Palm Desktop for Calender, ToDo, and Memo, then disable the MarkSpace MemoPad conduit and use the other. I use iCal/AddressBook, so I never open Palm Desktop anymore and the stand alone MemoPad application works for me.
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    Thanks guys. How many memos do you have? Is 700 a lot?

    I've checked that I only have the MarkSpace MemoPad conduit. The weird thing is that the duplication only happens on memos #'s > 500.

    Any ideas if I can export my Memos to a CSV or something, and reimport them (to remove any corruption) and maintain categories, etc?


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    Hmm, have they updated the Missing Sync memo app lately? It didn't use to support real categories from the palm (and tended to be buggy on top of it).
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    The one I'm using is MarkSpace MemoPad 1.0.2. From Missing Sync 4.0.6. You can add, delete, or edit memos and also create, edit, or remove categories.
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    James, are you syncing your Treo to two different computers? I started getting duplicate memos the day I started syncing the Memo conduit on my Mac at work in addition to my Mac at home.

    Any time a memo changed, it would duplicate when sync'ed to the other desktop. Er, I think. (Well, not exactly "duplicate" -- there would be two versions of the memo, one from before the change, and one from after.)

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