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    I scanned the 6 pages of topic headings, and can't believe this hasn't come up. You mean it might just be me?

    I am able to pair my phone with the Mac, but at the end, I get a dialog box that has all the options grayed out, with a note at the bottom saying that no supported services are on the phone.

    I have Sprint, and have upgraded to 1.12. It had no effect that I can see. I have been with their tech services, but the guy wasn't a Mac user, and his ultimate answer was, "hey, it works on mine."

    Anyone have experience with this, please?

    Mike Prager
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    Install the latest bluetoth update from Apple.
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    You don't need to worry about the "no supported services" message if you are just trying to sync.

    However, if you're trying to use the treo for DUN, you do need to see a different message.

    Before pairing the laptop and treo, make sure DUN is turned on. When you pair from the G4, you'll get a checkbox that says something like "use this phone to connect to the internet".
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    I'm an iBook G4 user who recently purchased a Treo 650. I don't know if you're interested in Bluetooth pairing for the purpose of transferring files, syncing, using your Treo as a Bluetooth wireless modem, or what. Here's some help on your issue:

    1) You cannot sync with bluetooth unless you purchase Missing Sync from mark/space. This software also enables you to copy files from iTunes and iPhoto to your SD card which is very handy in my opinion. The price tag may be a factor ($40) but I think it's more than worth it. Keep in mind that even after you have this program AND the appropriate BT dongle, the options will STILL be grayed out, but BT Sync will work through Missing Sync.
    Here's their site:
    2) But first, if you want to do this, you must have either the apple factory installed bluetooth or a DLink DBT-120 dongle. I had a Kensington dongle, and I could not get it to work at all.
    3) If it's Bluetooth DUN you're interested in, see this tutorial:
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    In regards to bluetooth syncing. You do not need Missing Sync to sync via bluetooth. I sync my Treo 650 via bluetooth w/ my Mac using Palm's Hot Sync Manager and Apple's Isync Conduit. No Missing Sync required.

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