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    Every now and then, I get a reset or sometimes it just seems to be localized to zLauncher reseting itself, but the end result is zLauncher loses all its categories and I have to move all the icons back to their spots. Does anyone know what file zLauncher stores this info in, so I could restore just that from my most recent backup?

    I have tried all the obvious "z..." files with no good results. I don't lose the category tabs themselves, just which icons go on which tabs. Is this info maybe in some global preferences file?
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    Try restoring the file "Saved Preferences" the next time.
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    Well' just Saved Preferences by itself does not do the trick, but if you restore all the zl* files plus the Saved Preferences, then do a soft reset, it does work. Better than restoring the whole device!
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    I have the same problem on occasion. If you use a back-up program, such as BackUpMan, restore your ZLauncherDB file. Doing so will restore your catagory assignments to what they were at your last backup.
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    Saved prefs usuall restored my categories. Also if you export your categories to the orginal shell, then you could always just import it back onto zlauncher if you ever lost it! That trick worked for me a couple times!
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    Not sure what it is, but sometimes if I'm another program besides ZLauncher and have to do a soft reset, I'll loose the ZL settings such as categories, etc.. So as someone else said, I'll restore the ZL* files and all is fine. Another DB locking issue I guess.

    If Saved Prefs is hosed, I'll get the trial warning, which is a clear sign that Saved Preferences needs restoring.. :-/

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