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    Here is a little application I wrote to automate the syncing process. You can set it to stay on in the cradle. Can also sync when pluged in. Unfortunatly at this point it only checks for the power and not connection to the computer so it may try to sync after being plugged into a car adapter. It also can switch to another app after syncing or when plugged into the cradle. The app can be any database on the treo. You can also scredule it to only sync during a certain time of day. I think thats it.

    Current release: 0.2 Beta

    Oh ya, its free.

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    This entry will be used to track bugs.

    Current Bugs:
    fixed->1) Does not keep syncing after initial sync. (Interval syncing).
    2) Only activates when power is on, not when computer is connected.
    3) Does not kick off the syncing if the treo is already powered up when you place it in the cradle.
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    Cool. Have you considered doing another for scheduling bluetooth hotsyncs?
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    I considered this but the make BT work well it would take an extensive amount of work (at least for me) and I know next to nothing about how to make BT work. I my try later after I have stabilized the functionality it has now. I'm trying not to let features creep in that would distract me from compleating what is already in it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xenophonite
    Cool. Have you considered doing another for scheduling bluetooth hotsyncs?
    You might consider BTsync as an alternative, but it costs $$...
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    Fixed interval syncing. Still working on the detecting computer.

    xenophonite-- I gave the BT option some thought and I am going to take at look at the discovery tool that ships with the palm sdk. I might use that as a besis to detect the prescence of the paired computer and then fire off the sync. don't expect anything this week but maybe soon.

    Does anyone know how to incert the <STRIKE> tag. I tried to strike out the fixed item but it was a no good.

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