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    First off, I apologize for the length of this post. This was a long arduous process!

    A month or so ago, there was a lot of traffic on TC regarding various wireless PIM data sync solutions. I did a lot of research, tested a lot of products, gathered my requirements and have been able to cobble together a workable solution. My vendor promises improvements to come... we'll see - but all in all I'm now happy with what I have. My purpose here is to share what I found with the rest of the TC community. Hopefully someone will be saved the month-long process of research to get this right.

    My requirements were (in order of importance):

    - Must sync over the air (OTA) - obviously - ideally, but not necessarily via push
    - Must utilize the built-in PIM databases for tasks, datebook and address book information. This one was a drop-dead requirement for me. There are just too many useful 3rd party apps that use the built-in DB's - not to mention the storage limitations of the Treo.
    - Work with MS Exchange 2000, preferably via direct communication, but a desktop redirector would work
    - Have sync clients for multiple platforms (I have a PPC, a Nokia Symbian Series 60 OS phone, and a couple Sony Ericsson SyncML compatible phones).
    - Sync a significant amount of historical data to the device
    - Support categories for all PIM data
    - E-Mail sync is not a requirement for me - and any solution that has it must allow me to turn it off. I am now a Chatter lifer - they'll have to pry my push e-mail and direct server manipulation from my cold dead... well, you get the picture.

    After evaluating several options, I narrowed my search down to 3 options: Intellisync's Wireless E-Mail Express, JP Mobile's Surewave Mobile Connect & Nextworks Nexchange. These were the only 3 that made it past the second requirement above. Of these 3, Surewave was eliminated because Good bought JP Mobile and seems to have killed it. Nexchange was eliminated because it's very beta at the moment. It does hold a lot of promise for the future, however.

    This left Intellisync Wireless E-Mail Express (IWEE). I have a GSM Treo 650 with service through Cingular. Those with Verizon will recognize this as Verizon Wireless Sync. As far as I can tell, the two services are nearly identical. The main features of IWEE as they relate to my requirements are:

    - OTA, push (network or SMS-triggered) or scheduled updates of PIM data (however for reasons outlined below, I'm not using their client - I'm using the Synthesis SyncML client (which is *not* free...) which only does manual syncs - an acceptable interim solution for me)
    - Uses built-in PIM DB's
    - Syncs with Exchange 2000 via a desktop redirector
    - Syncs with Palm, PPC, PC, & SyncML clients. Data is even accessible via a WAP or standard web viewer.
    - Currently syncs only 7 days of historical data to the Treo (Intellisync is working on an enhancement to lift this limit. SyncML clients are not so limited so I am not currently using the IWEE client for the Palm. I'm using the Synthesis SyncML Palm client, which also syncs datebook categories - see next item).
    - THE IWEE Palm client does not sync datebook categories (Intellisync is also working on this - as mentioned above, using SyncML is a work-around)
    - Unfortunately, the SyncML client does not handle contacts as well (no categories and some phone numbers - "mobile", inexplicably - do not sync). I'm therefor using PocketMirror to do contacts only when I do a wired HotSync. Not perfect, but it works for me.
    - As you can probably tell by the name, Wireless E-Mail Express is sold primarily as a push e-mail solution even though I'm not using that functionality at all. There's no good way to "turn-off the e-mail function and worse, it hijacks the hard e-mail button on the Treo and will not give it up. The solution here was to uninstall only the e-mail component or IWEE. Thankfully it's a separate app called SyncMail and removing it doesn't break anything else. It doesn't matter now since I'm using SyncML, but if Intellisync fixes the Palm client I'll switch back to it.

    I now have a wireless sync setup that does nearly everything I want it to do. When Intellisync fixes a couple of glitches in the Palm client (only 7 days of history, datebook categories) I'll be able to go back to their client and will regain pushed and scheduled background updates. Now if they could just get rid of the redirector...

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    I just signed up for the IWEE service for my Sprint Treo 650 and this article really helps me to know where to look for any problem areas. I have 30 days while I can still cancel and I want to make sure it will do what I need. Thanks again for posting this!

    Did Intellisync give any indication when the features you want will be available? No Datebook categories bothers me, as well.
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    Thanks! I'm glad you found it helpful.

    They didn't give me a timeframe for calendar categories. I do have a workaround, but my trial of the SyncML client runs out in 3 weeks or so - so hopefully soon!

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    how does it compare to goodlink?

    how much memory does it use up?

    I understand it requires a 2 year commitment and costs 240. correct?
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    I've never used Goodlink so I can't compare the two directly. Intellisync Wireless Express does use the built-in PIM databases so I've heard it doesn't use nearly as much memory as Goodlink. In it's standard config IWEE uses about 3MB depending on how much data you choose to sync.

    That's the right pricing if it hasn't changed since I signed up.
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    I have a Treo 650 from Verizon and was dismayed to find that I could only use the wireless sync if I kept a PC running exchange at all times. My only exchange client is a laptop that usually is in my briefcase when I need to do a wireless synch. Is there any way around this?
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    The 650 can sync directly to a corporate exchange server (rather than the pc client). that is what you use "exchange activesync" mail settings for (not for syncing to a pc exchange client).

    so what are you trying to sync to? an exchange server, a pop mailbox, IMAP, gmail, etc....

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