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    I found a new application called CityID that displays the City & State for both outgoing & incoming calls. The database is only 335k vs 1.8 Mb for TreoAreaCodes (without the maps). The problem is that it immediately shows trial expired upon installation, even though I've never used it before. Emails to both sales & support bounce back. Has anyone else tried CityID before?

    It does not display maps, flags, or state emblems, but that would be fine with me in exchange for more memory.
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    Nice find! That program is exactly what I was looking for. The maps and stuff are nice but I really didn't need them.

    Even though it's showing trial expired, does the program still work or is the trial expired message getting in the way all the time?
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    It worked great on an incoming call. On an outgoing call it did not display the city or state & when my call was complete, it said CityID has expired, would you like to register? Kind of annoying, but I think this program has promise if it works well registered.
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    $25 is a little pricey imho
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    $25 is a little pricey imho
    Yeah, I agree. It's neat and all, but $25? I was thinking more along the lines of $8. The voulme of sales for a simple app priced at $8 vs. $25 will for sure make the developer much more $. It is easy and thoughtless to purchase a $5-10 app. Once it gets over $20 it becomes one of necessity. I think most can do without this app at $25...but most would purchase it at a sub $10 price.

    Just my opinion, of course. No offense to the developer intended.
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    So far the trial's worked fine on my Treo. The only thing that I kinda don't like is that the call log has to be accessed by going to the CityID program. I thought it would integrate into the call log app on the phone. But, nothing's popped up so far about a trial. I've only done a couple of test calls. Maybe it pops up after so many calls?

    Very cool app though. I think the database is off. I checked a 310 area code (Culver City, CA) and it showed as (Irvine, CA). Way off base there.

    I agree with Eric on the price. No offense to the developer but it does seem a little high. I mean, how much is TreoAreaCodes?
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    14.95 for registired version at Palm One. Looks like the same version.

    Probably will buy it...Seems more useful then Treo Area Codes.
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    Actually it's $11.95 at PalmGear
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    I sure wish someone would pick up the ball that Velocityware dropped and write a program that will perform extended called ID. I would really prefer to see Name, Company and however many contact notes will fit on the screen.
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    I like this program, I just wish they would take their logo off the call-in screen.
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    Yeah their logo should only display during the trial period or something.
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    How does this program act when a caller ID picture is assigned to the incoming caller?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lgreenberg
    How does this program act when a caller ID picture is assigned to the incoming caller?

    Yup that's a good question. FYI TAC 1.1 has been updated so that the CID is shown.

    Anyway, CityID looks nice...
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    Yup that's a good question. FYI TAC 1.1 has been updated so that the CID is shown.

    Anyway, CityID looks nice...
    Yeah I know I already bought and have been using version 1.1

    Just wanted to make sure we're comparing apples to apples.
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    From the developers:

    I would like to address the problems you’re having with City ID and get them resolved for you.

    City ID is not working on outgoing call display. We cannot duplicate this on our test devices here and none of the Treo 650 beta users reported it either. However, there is now another review on PalmGear with the same issue. Does this happen on every call or just some of the time?

    Expiration message displayed during trial. Our trial period is 5-days prior to which the expiration message should not be displayed. Are you seeing the expiration message while City ID is still active?

    City ID logo displayed after registration. You are correct -- we currently still display the logo after registration. This is a good comment and I can see how it might be annoying, we will add a preferences screen that will allow this to be optionally turned off.

    We will try to produce a build for you to test with the issues resolved once we have your feedback.
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    Nice responsiveness. I may drop the $12 for for the combo: good program and responsive developer.
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    Handango now has City ID for $6.27 (initially it says $4.95 but when it comes time to purchase it says 6.27; decent price anyway). Did anyone purchase through them and try the OTA activation process? I've actually bought the software but haven't been able to use it because "the server is busy". Also, any word on the updated version without the company logo? Lastly, will caller ID name info show in addition to the city?
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    I went to Handango and the price is $24.95...a bit more than $6.27.
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    Quote Originally Posted by slorandy
    I went to Handango and the price is $24.95...a bit more than $6.27.
    sorry, slorandy, it must have been a mistake or sale that is now over!
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    I don't think it was a sale, the $6.27 was a MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION to use the software. Acousticbiker, check your confirmation email and it will indicate that the $6.27 is a monthly charge. Pretty underhanded scheme from Handango, glad to see that it is gone.
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