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    unlocked cng using 1.28 firmware and treo650-1.13-row loves to slow to a ridiculous (sp) crawl several times a week. Pushing a button takes several minutes for it to react, etc. I have tried waiting it out but end up resetting it. Have threatened phone with violence but it laughs in my face. Any better ideas?
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    What 3rd party software are you running?
    Cingular GSM
    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A
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    I'm thinking the only thing not out of the box is
    which I just deleted.

    How can you tell waht is "runnung"? like alt.ctrl, del?
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    ps, beer and fast typing don't mix. runnung=running and waht=what.
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    this happens to me and my friend also. i'm not running anything like ringo or lightwave or anything like that. we've both got zlauncher and verichat and volumecare, i think those are the only programs we have running all the time.
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    Do you have an SD card loaded? I have seen the same thing when I was running pocket tunes. I ran card export & did scandisk from windows on the mounted drive & it found several problems on the card file structure & fixed them. After that Pocket Tunes was running light fast back to normal.

    BTW these programs will significantly slow down the Treo search which I measure with the Docs to Go coloured wheel test.;
    -Case Toggle for OS 5
    -KeyCaps600 (original version not the updated for speed version by Daniel Sachi)
    Several other keyboard & hacks which trap every system event... do a search if you have some hacks, keyboard utilities - they are bound to contributing.
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    Had the same issue on the same phone. Upgraded firmware to 1.31 and problems disappeared completely.

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    This has happened to me if I didn't acknowledge an alarm or timer app. Usually with TreoAlarm (pre_1.00 i haven't tried the current version) and TikTok. I've also had other apps/games cause this slowdown, but still need to confirm if they are the reason of the problem.

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    A few threads on this going around right now... For me, this started AFTER I did the Cingular upgrade a few weeks ago. Wish I hadn't done the upgrade. Only a soft reset fixes it for a few days to a week.

    It's NOT third-party software related, as far as I can tell (since I really don't have any, or at least didn't have any when the problem started).

    I liken it to a computer's memory getting fragmented to the point that the performance starts crapping out. I don't know a thing about the architecture of the Palm software/memory usage, but it's as though the Treo runs out of steam after half a week of usage, requiring a reset.

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    try reinstalling your apps manually. This helped me get rid of the slow down problem
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    many of us has got this issue. it seems it's not related to 3rd party apps, nor to the SD cards. someone reported they fixed by upgrading to firmware 1.31, but this is not confirmed, as some other reported they upgraded and got the same.

    sad but true.
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    Anyone running ProfileCare? I know my application was triggering this behavior for a while. But I know there is a deep seeded problem in the 650 that is actually at fault here.

    Try to do the following for me:

    1) Is there a radio signal meter/graph on the screen when the slowdown happens? If you switch to a screen without the signal strength graph does the slowdown stop?
    2) What applications are you running that "talk" to the phone radio? Chat programs, Ring tone managers, etc.....
    3) Is there a sequence of events that you can do to cause the slowdown?
    4) What model 650's, ROM versions, carriers are you using?


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    For episodic slowdowns, I'd imagine it would have to do with your signal more than anything else... you either entering or leaving a zone. Is your data signal active when this happens? Are you in areas with a weak signal?

    Just some thoughts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aristarchus
    For episodic slowdowns, I'd imagine it would have to do with your signal more than anything else... you either entering or leaving a zone. Is your data signal active when this happens? Are you in areas with a weak signal?

    Just some thoughts.
    Could be, but that hasn't been my experience. There have been several times that suddenly, without even changing rooms in my house (having a reasonably good signal that nevers drops completely), but after moving from one app to another, my Treo will slow to a crawl. A soft reset will correct it. It's almost as though some app gets stuck in a loop whereby it is consuming most of the processor time and only allows other commands as it can fit them in. It hasn't happened to me a lot so I haven't gotten my shorts in a bunch over it. If it occured as much as some have reported, I would be concerned.
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    I've noticed the slowdown issue occurs regardless of signal strength or signal changes. On the other hand, when I turn off the phone portion of the treo, I never witness the slowdown. This suggests to me it has something with the phone program behaving badly (I realize this belies my first observation about signal strength).
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    I to have experienced the slow down problem. And, yes, it does behave very much like memory fragmentation. Though I don't know the cause I have found a work around that works for me.

    I have Jeff Gibson's "ProfileCare" installed and I have enabled a soft reset in the Day, the Night, and the Overnight profiles. This causes a soft reset each time the profile is changed and forces what we old timers would call a "Garbage Collection".

    Actually this is not a bad solution in that similar anomalies occur in other high end cell phones if they are left on for long periods of time. The Razr tends to totally lock up if left on for more than about 48 hours. It is problem that is not often observed because these phones do a total power down when turned off and efectively do a soft reset each time they are power cycled. The Treo on the other hand does not have a true power down mode and the only way to force the memory recovery is a reset.

    I am not a salesman for Jeff but I can cetainly say the scheduling of regular resets at a known time has been extremely helpful for me.

    Unlocked (factory) GSM Treo 650
    Cingular Service
    Firmware: 1.31
    Software: 1.13-ROW
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    Yeah, this only seems to happen with a signal strenth bar on the screen, and I *always* see it if an alarm has been left on the screen and something else triggers.. Most often an alarm I haven't acknowledged and Treo Alarm pops on to update weather.

    Seems the longer it's in the state, the worse it gets.. When it first happens, you can (slowly) navigate around, especially in ZLauncher I can open the menus and do a soft reset.. If it's been in this state for a long time (overnight usually) I gotta hit the reset button.

    No third-party apps.. Not sure about that one.
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    FW 1.28
    SW Treo650-1.13-ROW
    HW A

    I saw above a FW 1.31, has it helped? Is it Palmone or other? Where to get it?

    And with 2-3 slowdown/soft resets aday, I might as well start over. How do you completely clean up and start over?

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    Having re-read (is that a word) the thread I am betting the ref to 1.31 is a cng fw....not an unlocked.
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    Occasionally my unlocked GSM phone running on Vodafone UK freezes in the screen off state, and I have never waited long enough to see if it recovers. I always reset.
    FW 1.31
    SW Treo650-1.13-ROW
    HW A

    FW 1.31 I downloaded from a link on treoCentral a month or two back.
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