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    take a look to the thread GSM Freezing problems poll, it's related to the same issue and contains detailed description.

    I think all of us should write to the Palm Support team reporting the same. it would be nice if TreoCentral itself give us more attention and talk to the Palm core.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffgibson
    Anyone running ProfileCare? I know my application was triggering this behavior for a while. But I know there is a deep seeded problem in the 650 that is actually at fault here.

    Try to do the following for me:

    1) Is there a radio signal meter/graph on the screen when the slowdown happens? If you switch to a screen without the signal strength graph does the slowdown stop?
    2) What applications are you running that "talk" to the phone radio? Chat programs, Ring tone managers, etc.....
    3) Is there a sequence of events that you can do to cause the slowdown?
    4) What model 650's, ROM versions, carriers are you using?



    I have had my 650 since february and never had a slowdown until today. I did not change any software or any configurations today. The slowdows occured consecitively. I was on the phone (BT Headset) hung up and had a slow down (phone rang could not answer it). I RESET. Made another call - same thing again - reset. I am traveling in MA (Framington) when this happened. I left the area and I am in the Woburn Area now and have not had the problem since I left Framington (BTW - I live in NC). Could this be location dependant?

    One thing i did notice was i had low signal and while in the TakePhone screen the signal bars, battery and I think the BT indicator all disappeared for a few seconds.

    All of this happened about 5 hours ago. It has been fine since. - strange.
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