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    Hey there people..
    I am not a tech savvy person and i'm experiencing some problem abt syncing with iBook.I will give the details below and any kinda help or suggestion will help me alot

    My Treo 650:
    *GSM Unlocked version
    *Updated with the latest version 1.13

    Palm Desktop
    *Palm desktop version 4.2.1
    *Hotsync version 3.2.1

    My iBook
    *Mac OS Tiger 10.4.2
    *iSync 2.1
    *All the latest update for my OS X is intalled

    I tried to sync my treo with my i book, as i understand for iSync 2.1 there is an option for enable Palm OS syncing which was suppose to make it easier but,
    The Problem
    1.It says the hotsync manager has never been opened or hotsync manager is not properly installed
    2.In the Hotsync setup i have no option for bluetooth-pda syncing
    3.In the Hotsync conduit section there is no iSync conduit

    But i have no problem syncing with Palm desktop using the cradle that came with the Treo 650

    There is the problem i am facing.I have some 4 yrs back to back worth of data on my iCal and others.I know there is missing sync available but i can't seem to find a hardcopy in my country and i have no means of getting 1 online.I have tried my best by searching the net for the past month to no avail or understanding....Thank you
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    The story so far....
    1.I can send a file via normal file send thru BT
    2.After restarting my iBook there is a bluetooth-pda-sync-port in the connection settings
    under hotsync manager.
    3.There still isn't any isync conduit under the conduit settings of HotSync Manager.
    4.When running iSync and choosing the "enable palm os sync" still displays...
    The HotSync software is not properly installed
    or its has never been openned. Try opening
    HotSync Manager (in Palm folder in your
    Applications folder), the return to iSync and
    choose Device > Enable Palm Synching agan.

    If you can't find HotSync Manager, you need to
    install the Palm Desktop 4.0 or later software. To
    download the latest version, visit

    5.Still can't sync via BT.
    6.Still very confused.
    7.And I thought I can use BT DUN when I got the Treo 650 last month,
    8.Looks like BT DUN-ing is very far off,
    9.The idea of reverse BT DUN-ing actually crossed my mind,
    10.Just who am I kidding....hahahahahahah

    Thanks again for any help rendered

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