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    Anyone know what is the link to sign up as a beta tester of seven?
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    I tried to sign up 2 months ago.. I haven't heard from them since..
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    Cingular have seven allready availiable as "cingular express mail"
    so maybe thats the reason that they didn't contact you
    T-Mobile -Treo 600/ Sprint - Treo 650
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    Why don't you send them a followup email?

    They have an active beta tester group.
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    I just got this email from Seven:

    "Note: We are NOT accepting users with Palm OS devices anymore. Requests for those will not be entertained. Please tell your friends, family, loved ones, enemies and colleagues not to send solicitation emails for those."
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    ^ Wow. That is a pretty unprofessional response.

    Guess the person on the other end was having a bad day... They must be getting a lot of beta test requests from Palm users.

    FYI: I signed up about two months ago as well, a few weeks later I received a form email explaining that they were no longer accepting beta testers in my demographic.
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    Spiveyx, they also used that "Please tell your friends, family, loved ones, enemies and colleagues" comment a paragraph earlier in the same e-mail to ask people with other devices to sign up. It looks unprofessional in the quote above, but it was sent to existing beta users immediately following the same plea in the affirmative. It doesn't read bad when you have the whole e-mail.

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