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    Hey Everyone!!

    I seem to be having problems with VersaMail. I set Versamail to check for new email every 30 mins...7 days a week. It worked great for a few months but now it won't Auto Sync. I have not experienced any other problems with Versamail other than this. I have Hot Synced my Treo, did a soft reset and even deleted the account and added it again but none of these solutions seem to fix the problems. Has anyone ran into this problem?

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    Yes, I have the identical problem. Used to pick up email fine using auto sync, but now won't pick up except through manual gets. I'm using POP3 mail, leaving messages on my server and archiving them off the server through Outlook on my desktop. I didn't start to leave messages on the server until I bought the 650. I'm wondering if the subsequent buildup of mails on the server has caused a complication.
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    Is this discussion about VersaMail Autosync problem or VeriChat Autosync problem?
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    I think I've read on other threads where Versamail has degrading performance over time and that the only way around it (currently) is to delete the account and re-add it. Have you tried this?

    If so, it might require that you go onto your computer desktop and delete the versamail folders and recreate the accounts just so the the history was wiped out.

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