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    Hi all,

    Is there any way to move pdf files on the sd card and read them with adobe reader?

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    Adobe reader for Palm OS will let you specify the location where you want to save them (RAM/SD Card).
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    that's true is does let you specify, but when I send it to card, the adobe reader application can't see it. It will only see what's in main memory. Also I have it crashing bigtime on a larger (6mb) files.

    I'm very disappointed in adobe reader. I guess you get what you pay for?
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    adobe reader wont read pdfs on a palm, they have to be converted by the desktop app first.
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    yes i know they do. I did convert them through the application as mentioned and it is transferred when synched.
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    try - clean, simple solution for Treo 650 and totally wireless. No desktop conversion required
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    $40 for one year? no way. What if I had to spend that on every little pda app. unacceptable.
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    Do you actually work, or are related to pdf2pda in any way???
    All 4 of your posts are trying to push your service!

    Just wondering....

    from the guidelines:
    "Spam - Do not spam our forums with unrelated products and services. Any advertising for treo-related commercial services may be done in the Marketplace forum, and no other."
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    don't work for them just think it is a great service!
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    If you just want to read text of the pdf, you can e-mail the pdf to; it'll come back as a zipped html file, which can then be unzipped with Handzipper (Lite, if that's what you have) and read.

    It's a pretty neat solution if you don't care about the graphics; otherwise, search the forums for "Picsel".

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