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    I, like so many new Treo owners on this forum, finally gave up on Versa-mail, and tried Chatter.

    I may buy it as early as next week. Marc is outstanding to deal with. He answered my questions with the paitence required in dealing with a computer ***** like myself.

    On POP the program works incredibly well. I can not wait to see how it works on IMAP, as soon as I can figure out how to foward my paid Yahoo account to one of the IMAP providers.

    Again, Marc you have a great product and better service. Let me know when you go public Why Palm has not picked up your software and ditched Versa is beyond me.
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    Try Fastmail. I'm using that service and it works quite well. My paid Yahoo account is set to forward all mail to my main Fastmail account and then Fastmail gets pushed to Chatter. Nice, fast, easy. Good luck!
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    Marc has partnered with to provide a great IMAP service. See here for more info:

    It's not free (but it's also not expensive).. and I assume he gets something when someone signs up.

    I signed up because I needed a push IMAP account and because Marc deserves every little bit of business I can toss his way.

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